What’s In My Coachella Bag

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I’ve mentioned this in a few posts and can’t shut up about this on social media, but I’m headed to Coachella for the first time this year! To say I’m excited is an understatement. This is my first major music festival ever, and I had to do my homework to make sure I was prepping accordingly.

I’m loving this backpack and mini crossbody bag that Sakroots sent to me for the festival. I’m still trying to decide whether I want to pack light and just carry my essentials (phone, keys, wallet) in the crossbody bag or haul a few more pieces in the backpack. In the meantime, here are a few suggestions on what to pack for any music festival.

1. An Extra Pair of Shoes 
Buying a new pair of shoes for a festival seems like an idea, until you’re standing and dancing for 12 hours straight. I’m planning on bringing an extra pair of super broken in sandals/booties just in case the new pairs of shoes I bring along don’t quite agree with me.

Let’s face it: Coachella is in the middle of a desert. You’re going to need a little refresh during the day, so I’m planning on packing a few cleansing towelettes with me. I highly recommend picking up a pair of oil-free wipes to avoid clogging your pores. I love these these wipes from Neutrogena!

Okay, so I have to admit that I’ve never had a sunburn in my life since my skin is so dark. I am terrible at remembering to put on sunscreen and I’m very aware that even though I never burn, the sun still has pretty damaging effects. I’m planning on bringing a huge bottle of sunscreen and setting myself a few reminders to keep re-applying it.

We’re staying in a hotel that’s 20 minutes away from the festival, so we’re really not in a position to head back during the festival for any necessities. That being said, a mini first aid kit is necessary. I’m packing a little but of ibprofen, allergy medicine (trust me, I’m actually allergic to every single type of pollen) and a few band-aids just in case my cute new shoes give me a not so cute blister.

I’m going to be honest here: the desert climate really puzzles me. Even though it gets super hot during the day, it does get pretty chilly at night. I’m planning on packing a few light layers (kimonos, light jackets) to keep me warm once the sun sets.

6. A HAT
I don’t know about you, but I always think of floppy hats when I think of Coachella. Not only are hats trendy, but it’s also another way for you to shield yourself from the sun. I don’t wear hats that often, so I’m super excited to rock them at festivals this year.

You’re going to be out for 10+ hours a day, so it’s pretty crucial to pack a phone charger. Because let’s face it, Snapchat is going to suck your battery dry. Coachella has full on charging stations, so I plan on bringing my full charger. If you’re headed to a festival that doesn’t have charging stations/limited outlets, try bringing a travel phone charger.

Do you have any tips on what to pack for a music festival? Share them in the comments below!

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  1. Mai Tran wrote:

    Mini first aid kit seems to be the most logical!

    Posted 4.6.15 Reply
  2. Katie Cascio wrote:

    Hey lady! So, a backpack is ALWAYS the smart move. You’ll be surprised how quickly you want to shove a few things somewhere and still have free hands. (I love mine because it has cute/convenient side pockets I can slip my phone into but still easily reach since i almost never have pockets of my own.

    Also, the reason for my backpack loyalty is that I always want a giant water bottle when I need it. Which brings me to my number 1 must have for a festival – a huge, insulated water bottle that will stay cold for hours and also not leak all over your stuff! Lines can be long for drinks and things, and when youre in the desert, you’re going to want it at hand all the time! I swear by this camelbak http://amzn.com/B00LFRU7SC.

    Posted 4.6.15 Reply
  3. Bree West wrote:

    Backpack is definitely the way to go! Last year I didn’t bring on the first day of Firefly and was seriously upset with myself! Also last year Firefly would have full on dust storms because of all the people walking back and forth to different shows and it was so dry, by the end of the second day I couldn’t breathe, we all brought scarves/bandanas for the last 2 days to cover our nose and mouths when walking around for the last 2 days!

    I’m so jealous of Coachella, you’re going to have an absolute blast!!

    Posted 4.6.15 Reply
  4. Wildcat4Life wrote:

    This is very helpful and can certainly be adapted for dudes. I seem to never know what to pack or I end up forgetting half the stuff I do remember. I’m going to a few festivals this summer and I recently came across a few different sites that sell “packs” for music festivals. Kind of a neat idea because it’s everything on this list. SteezyPack.com and ElectroPack.com seem good – especially for EDM shows. But one of the best ones I’ve seen is http://www.JustACompleteKit.com. Looks like they have Coachella stuff too. Just thought I’d drop a note!

    Posted 4.6.15 Reply
  5. Wish U.S Were Here wrote:

    Such a great idea! I never even thought of taking my charger to a festival. Love your blog 🙂

    Posted 4.6.15 Reply
  6. Christine Kiehl wrote:

    This was such a fun read! Love the bag! Lucky! Lucky for the bag and the music festival! Thank you for the tips on what to pack! H2O is the only thing I could suggest to pack! That is of course if it’s allowed. Many times you cannot bring outside liquids in with you. But, once inside they charge short an arm and a leg for refreshments. Can’t wait to hear about the great time you had at the festival! Thank you for sharing!

    Posted 4.9.15 Reply
  7. Justyna wrote:

    Great read! This is definitely a great list for any upcoming music festivals. I love the backpack!

    Posted 4.19.15 Reply
  8. Erica wrote:

    I think you’ve got the quintessential packing list here, Alicia! Now the most important question…did you absolutely love it?!?!


    Posted 4.19.15 Reply
  9. Ashliegh wrote:

    Love the bag and TOTALLY JEALOUS that you went to Coachella! The backpack is really cute! Hope you enjoyed the festival!!

    Posted 4.19.15 Reply