7 Things You Should Pack for NYFW

What a blogger should pack for NYFW

Jenny Packham New York Fashion Week SS17

D.C. blogger Alicia Tenise visits the Shoshanna Showroom in New York

ghd Electric Pink Air Professional Performance Hairdryer

D.C. blogger Alicia Tenise covers the Erin Fetherston show at New York Fashion Week SS17

What to pack for New York Fashion Week

D.C. Blogger Alicia Tenise covers the Jenny Packham SS17 show at New York Fashion Week

D.C. blogger Alicia Tenise shares what to pack for NYFW

As most of you know via social media, I took a little trip up to New York Fashion Week this season! I had the awesome opportunity to go a few times back in college, but this was actually the first time I’ve been back post-grad. Fashion Week always comes during the busiest time of year for me, but I just decided to go for it and deal with how hectic my schedule was later!

I’ll be posting about the shows I saw later this week, but first I’d like to start off with what I packed for the week. It’s an insane week as I’m sure you’ve noticed, and there are a lot of great tools/beauty items you should bring to get you through the day!

  1. Portable Phone Charger

    Let me just say that this was the real MVP of Fashion Week for me! You’re out all day long and you’re contstantly using Snapchat, Instagram, and texting your friends to meet up — my phone usually hit 5% battery life by the middle of the day. For sure bring a durable portable charger to get you through the day! The specific one I used was a Poweradd Pilot charger, it has room for two phones to charge at once and I got over 3 full charges from it!

  2. Snacks

    I used to make fun of the girls who “forgot” to eat at fashion week. But y’all: when you have back-to-back appointments, meetings and shows, you’re bound to skip a meal or two by accident! I bought a big box of Kind Snacks before my trip, and I could not be happier! They fit into my purse perfectly, and were a healthy snack for a girl on the go!

  3. Extra Memory Cards

    I thought I would have time to upload photos in between shows, but guess what? I was totally wrong! I brought three different memory cards with me during fashion week, which was a total lifesaver. I put my camera in burst mode for Runway photos, and I easily snapped 150+ frames per show. Not to mention, I had to snap the OOTDs and other events! Having backup memory cards saved me!

  4. A Small Notebook

    I’m 100% a pen and paper gal, so I made sure to bring a small notebook with me to my meetings and shows. I have the worst memory and if there’s something notable about a show or meeting, I like having it on paper for any sort of follow up!

  5. Blotting Pads 

    Unfortunately, some fashion week events do not have proper AC. Be prepared, y’all! I also try to take the subway whenever I can to shows since it’s a lot faster than a cab, and we all know the subway is not a place to expect AC in September. I highly recommend the tarte blotting pads!

  6. Sneakers

    Sneakers with dresses is actually very in style right now, who would have thought! I personally can only stand heels for a few hours; if you’re like me, make sure to switch between heels and sneaks for sure!

  7. A ghd Hairdryer

    I make it a point to stay at either a hotel or my mom’s timeshare when I go to NYC. While they are stocked with amazing beauty products, I always like to carry my ghd Electric Air Professional Performance Hairdryer since I can trust it to keep me looking model fresh during my trip! With all of the streetstyle photos going on, this styler helps me look my best at all times!

    The best part about this ghd hairdryer is that it doesn’t dry out my hair — my hair dries out super, super easily, and up until this point I would air dry it whenever I could. This hairdryer uses advanced ionic technology, an industrial ionic generator, which is placed closer to the nozzle to provide the full benefit of the emitted ions. This locks in the moisture and delivers softer, smoother, shinier results that last longer with less frizz and flyaways. 

    What I love the most about the ghd styler is that it is small enough to fit into my suitcase with ease! For being such a powerful hairdryer, it really is small and super, super light. I can’t imagine heading to fashion week without this hairdryer in the future!

What are your Fashion Week Must Haves?

Thank you to ghd for partnering with me for today’s post!
*All photos in this post were taken by me! Please shoot me an email for permission to republish. 

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  1. FashionFriesX FashionFriesX wrote:

    This post is awesome !!! I agree with all of your must haves! My number one is the portable phone charger !!! Snapchatting and instagramming all of these amazing shows killed my battery but it was so worth it!!!

    Posted 9.20.16 Reply
  2. Maggie wrote:

    I couldn’t agree with you more on all of these! Snacks are so key to keep you energized while you’re running around!


    Posted 9.20.16 Reply
  3. Steph K wrote:

    Great packing essentials for NYFW! I wish I would have remembered to bring a portable phone charger to the shows. Thank god my blogger friend let me borrow hers! 🙂

    xO – Steph


    Posted 9.20.16 Reply
  4. Shelby wrote:

    These are must haves for my bag every day of the week (well maybe except for the hair dryer 😉 )! I love this roundup though. If I ever go to NYFW, I’ll definitely be reading this again!


    Posted 9.20.16 Reply
  5. Such great advice! I need to remember to carry extra memory cards more often!

    Shaheen | Lows to Luxe

    Posted 9.20.16 Reply
  6. Mollie Sheperdson wrote:

    I totally hear ya about the portable charger! The first day I forgot mine at home and my phone died right before my last show of the day 🙁 I’ll never forget one again ha!



    Posted 9.20.16 Reply
  7. Nina Rand wrote:

    I always pack my own hair dryer (even if it puts my suitcase over the weight limit!) and this sounds like a great one to try!

    Posted 9.20.16 Reply
  8. Anna English wrote:

    #1 and #2 are my favorites!

    Posted 9.20.16 Reply
  9. Liz Joy wrote:

    ahh! bookmarking this for next season, great round up!

    Posted 9.20.16 Reply
  10. Brittany Decareaux Raborn wrote:

    will definitely be referring to this next time! hoping to be there next year! great list!!

    Posted 9.20.16 Reply
  11. Carly Anderson wrote:

    I’ve been on a search for a new hairdryer…..need to try this one!

    Posted 9.20.16 Reply
  12. Annie wrote:

    Yes to the sneakers!! Love these tips. <3

    Posted 1.22.17 Reply