What I must do in Philadelphia

What I must do in Philadelphia by popular DC travel blogger, Alicia Tenise

As most of you know, I’ve got a little less than two months left in Philly. My travel schedule is going to be a bit hectic these next couple of months, so I need to use my remaining time in Philly wisely.

Philly is an awesome city, and while I’ve done a ton of exploring since I’ve been here, I have a few more spots that I need to hit before I leave. Here’s what’s on my bucket list of things I must do in Philadelphia, and also here are some spots that should be on your radar this spring/summer.
What I must do in Philadelphia by popular DC travel blogger, Alicia Tenise

What I must do in Philadelphia by popular DC travel blogger, Alicia Tenise

Things You Must Do in Philadelphia

A Day Trip to Bucks County

I had the opportunity to stop by Bucks County during a press trip last fall, and I fell in love with its charm. It’s only 25 miles outside of Philly and 75 miles from NYC, and there’s something to do for everyone on your list. The last time I visited Peddler’s Village, I was on crutches and wasn’t able to walk around much. However, the food was amazing, and the whole area was incredibly charming, and this is something I must do in Philadelphia before the move!

All The Restaurants

I still need to try Zahav, Hungry Pigeon and Rooster Soup Co. However, the one thing about Philly? There are new restaurants popping up left and right, and there’s so much good food I still need to try. Pro tip: I read Eater Philly weekly for restaurant suggestions, and I have yet to be disappointed. 

Brewery Hopping

I have a few breweries in town that I frequent, but there are so many amazing spots that I have yet to explore. We recently visited Love Brewing that just opened up a few weeks ago and loved the vibe, and I know I need to get out there and see all the best breweries that the city has to offer. I’ve tried out 4 of these breweries on this list from Time Out, but I’m hoping to knock a few more off my list soon!

Brunch with Fellow Bloggers

The one thing I’ll miss the most about Philly? All the fantastic people here. In particular, I’ve met some amazing bloggers since I moved here. I’m hoping to get together for one last brunch before moving!

Photos by Tom McGovern

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