5 Tips to Achieve A Healthy Daily Routine

walmart health fair, easy health tips

Let’s face it: it’s hard staying healthy on the go. Between my fast-paced day job and marketing and my incredibly full blogging schedule, I’m pretty limited on free time. One thing I’ve learned, however, is that being busy isn’t an excuse to dive into unhealthy habits. Sure, I love my pizza and wine, but I have made a few easy tweaks to my daily routine that have helped me stay healthy!

walmart health fair, easy health tips

1. Take a Walk

I work right in the middle of the suburbs, so the scenery around my office ain’t that pretty. It’s also easy for me to be pretty immobile; I drive to work, drive back and I started to notice that I was walking only about a mile a day. Instead of simply walking from my cubicle to the office kitchen, I make it a point to get out of the office, get some fresh air, and go on a 10-minute walk around the office building. It helps keep me a little active, and I come back into the office refreshed, recharged and ready to conquer the second half of my day.

2. Remind yourself to drink water

I noticed a few months ago that I was constantly getting headaches. I met with a doctor, and she confirmed that the reason for these headaches was dehydration. I totally admit, I was not drinking as much water as I used to! I installed an app called Waterlogged that reminds me to drink water every few hours and tracks my water intake. Honestly, I’ve never felt better!

walmart health fair, easy health tips

3. Watch Your Portions

I’m not on any sort of diet, nor do I want to be. I love pizza, tacos, donuts, you name it. However, I like to enjoy these things in moderation. I get hungry a lot, so I opt to eat 6 smaller meals a day and I make sure to stop eating as soon as I’m satisfied. Eating smaller portions has helped leaps and bounds, and it’s way more effective for me than counting calories.

4. Cut Soda Out of your Diet

I already know that the diehard Diet Coke fans who read this are going to hate me for this, but guys. Cutting out soda seriously makes a difference! I came from a family that would hand me carbonated drinks as soon as I woke up. Not ok! One of my high school dance teachers told me that my soda intake was making me sluggish on the dance floor, and I knew I had to take her advice. It made a world of difference! Try it, you might enjoy it!

walmart health fair, easy health tips

5. Being Active Is Better With Friends

I like to make fitness a social activity. Instead of going to happy hour, why not take a walk with your gal pal to catch up on gossip? Instead of going out to a movie with a friend, why not challenge yourselves to try the new gym that just opened up in your ‘hood? Making exercising social has definitely helped motivate me, and is ideal for the girl on the go!


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How do you lead a healthy lifestyle?

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  1. I just need to remember to start eating more regularly haha. Adulting is hard!

    Josh | The Kentucky Gent

    Posted 10.8.15 Reply