Typical Day Exploring Washington D.C.

I’m partnering with LIFEWTR to bring you these inspiration tips in exploring Washington D.C.

If you’ve been reading along for a while, you know that I was raised in the D.C. area. I moved to Northern Virginia when I was 5, left for college, and came back right after graduation. 

When I first moved back to D.C. after college, I didn’t love it to be perfectly honest. I had a career in marketing, and I always felt that I was a creative. However it was difficult at first for me to find the creative community in D.C. I would go on endless dates and to dozens of meetups to connect with people my age, and I would end up meeting lawyers, Capitol Hill staffers, grad students, and consultants. When I told them I worked in marketing, they didn’t understand my low-paying career choice. When I told them I ran a blog on the side as a passion project? They really didn’t get me.
Typical Day Exploring Washington D.C. featured by popular DC travel blogger, Alicia Tenise

Then, I did something a little crazy: I put myself out there and started going to blogger meetups in town, and used social media to connect with other creatives in the city. I met other people who were just as passionate about fashion and design as I was, and I finally felt like I found my niche. It might not seem like it, but D.C. is a town with a ton of people in creative fields. 

How do I stay inspired while I’m in my hometown? Here’s what a typical day looks like for me in the District:

7:00 AM: Get Up & Go

At the moment, I’m living in Philadelphia. However, I’m moving back to the D.C. area full-time in June, and I bounce back and forth between the two cities on a very regular basis. I’m in D.C. about 2-3 times a month for meetings, events, and to say hi to my family.

On a typical workday when I’m in town, I’ll wake up, get ready, and before rush hour starts, I’ll head out for the day. Sometimes I’ll have a meeting or an event during the morning hours, but when I have the morning off, I like to spend time exploring Washington D.C. looking for inspiration. Before I roam around town, I’ll stop by my local 7-Eleven and pick up some snacks and a couple of LIFEWTR bottles to keep me fueled for the day (P.S. — you won’t want to miss their brand new Series 5 ‘Art Beyond Borders’ bottles, in stores soon!)

8:45 AM: Exploring Washington D.C.

I always like to check out the latest and greatest exhibits in town to gain inspiration. A few weeks ago, the Cherry Blossoms were in peak bloom, so I took a quick stroll around the Tidal Basin to awe at their beauty. A tip from a local? Go on a weekday if you can, and go super early. We got to the Tidal Basin at around 8:45 AM, and it wasn’t packed with tourists yet. Then, we strolled over to the National Mall, and I got to check out one of my favorite monument: the Lincoln Memorial. Even though I end up at the National Mall several times a year, it never gets old.

I checked out a local gallery and saw some of the coolest exhibits. . Some of the pieces from the exhibit reminded me of my LIFEWTR bottle — the Series 4 bottle I had centered around “Arts in Education,” and you can learn about the LIFEWTR brand’s initiative to bring art back into schools here!

Typical Day Exploring Washington D.C. featured by popular DC travel blogger, Alicia Tenise

11:00 AM: Lunch + Work

After a morning of roaming around the city and getting inspired, I’ll post up at one of my favorite fast casual restaurants in town and power through emails, review photos, and put the finishing touches on projects. I also use the time to brainstorm new photoshoot concepts and coordinate logistics.

3:00 PM: Shooting at Local Murals

I usually have a photo shoot once a week. I love colorful murals, and there are always new, fun murals popping up as I’m exploring Washington D.C. Right now, I love the murals at the Wharf: since it’s still under construction, I would definitely keep an eye out for more of them! I try to keep my photo shoots to 1-2 hours max, and I always make sure my outfits are planned, and everything is steamed beforehand. 

Typical Day Exploring Washington D.C. featured by popular DC travel blogger, Alicia Tenise

5:30 PM: Off to Media Events

Since D.C. is the Nation’s Capital, there are a ton of brands that host events and activations for local bloggers/media. Before heading out to these events, I like to make another quick stop at my nearest 7-Eleven and grab a smaller LIFEWTR bottle that will fit into one of my tote bags with ease. I have to network and mingle with dozens of people at these kinds of events, so it’s nice to have water to sip on to stay on top of my game.

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How do you stay inspired in your hometown?

Photos by Tom McGovern

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