The Low Down on Blog Conferences

how-to-prep-blog-conferencesSBS Con Photos By: Rebekah Carson

Over the past two years, I’ve had the awesome opportunity to attend a few blogger conferences up and down the East Coast. As some of you know, I’m headed to Charleston, SC for the third annual Southern Blog Society conference this weekend. You can find a full recap of my experience last year right over here.

Blog conferences are absolutely fantastic and if you play your cards right, it can help your blog grow leaps and bounds. Here are some tips and tricks I’ve learned over the years to help you get the most out of the conference you’re attending.


1. Do some pre-conference networking.
While it’s important to introduce yourself to brands at conferences, it’s super crucial (and fun!) to make new blogger friends as well. If the conference has a certain hashtag, use it to connect with other conference attendees and establish some sort of relationship before the conference happens. Who knows, maybe you’ll find your new friend, a new business partner or someone you can collaborate with later on down the road!

2. Follow, follow, follow
Make sure to follow all of the panelists, speakers and organizers of the event before the event on social media. That way when you’re live-tweeting/instagramming/etc the conference you’re able to find each speaker’s handle pretty quickly (and tweet them a thank you!)


3. Packing Strategy
For starters, make sure you leave extra room in your suitcase. You’re bound to come home with a few goodies, so be prepared! If you’re flying, there’s a chance that you might come home with full-size beauty samples, so be prepared to check your bag on the flight home if that’s the case.

Some items I consider essential are business cards, a sleek business card holder (I have this one from Kate Spade), a notebook + pen to take notes (I’m pretty old school, what can I say!), and a few thank you cards for other bloggers/organizers just to show your gratitude.

I’ll be dressing to the nines at SBScon and in heels most of the weekend, so that’s why I’m packing Sole Serum to relieve any discomfort I’m feeling and a pair of Tieks to give my feet a break between events. Also, don’t forget some statement bling — make a good impression!

IMG_5771Me, Grace of A Southern Drawl and Danielle of Lou What Wear at last year’s SBS Con

During The Conference

4. Meet as many people as possible
This is actually the first time I’m going to a conference where I know a good amount of people already. Every single conference I’ve been to in the past, I’ve gone by myself/have only known maybe 1-2 people prior to the event. It’s totally scary to go alone, I get it. However, it really forces you to step outside of your comfort zone and mingle with new people. If you’re going with a large group of friends, don’t be clique-y. Make it a point to connect with new bloggers!

5. Take advantage of new surroundings
Are you going to a conference in a new city? Take advantage of it. Meet with local brands, review shops/restaurants, schedule a few brand meetings. Yes, you’re on “vacation”, but really hustle while you’re at the conference and make the most of your downtime.

After The Conference

6. Follow-Up
Did you connect with any brands/bloggers while you were at the conference? Reach out to them! Get a few collaborations going. Do this in a timely manner (I would say a week or so) so that these brands/bloggers still remember how fabulous you are IRL and are jumping at the chance to partner with you 🙂

Do you have any tips for bloggers heading to conferences this summer?

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  1. Erica wrote:

    I’m headed to a conference in July, so I’m bookmarking your post and prepping with it! Thanks, Alicia. <3

    Posted 6.25.15 Reply
  2. Megan wrote:

    I’m going to the Simply Stylist conference in July and I’m going alone so I’m super nervous. These tips are great though! I’m going to network before and know all about the speakers.

    Posted 6.25.15 Reply
  3. Olivia wrote:

    This is so helpful! I always struggle with finding time to prepare for conferences and then following up afterward.

    Posted 6.25.15 Reply
  4. Coffee Beans High Heels wrote:

    this is so helpful! im going to Her Campus Blogger Conference this summer and this actually helps a lot! im adding this post to my bookmark so i can read it again shortly befoere the conference.
    thank you

    Posted 6.25.15 Reply
  5. Katie wrote:

    Such great tips, Alicia! I love the idea of bringing thank you notes! So smart. See you tomorrow!!! xo

    Posted 6.25.15 Reply
  6. Bash Harry wrote:

    Oh, this is amazing! I’ve never been to a blog conference before, but this is very helpful for any conference, at least in my opinion! It’s great! Thank you <3

    xx Bash | Bash Says Hey | bloglovin’

    Posted 6.25.15 Reply
  7. Jo wrote:

    Thanks for the share! I’m totally looking into blogger conferences now! sounds so fun and exciting~

    XOXO Jo | Opal & Opal

    Posted 6.25.15 Reply
  8. Bree West wrote:

    Such great tips, I’m looking into finding a couple of conferences to hit before the end of the year! Have a blast this weekend!

    xo Bree

    Posted 6.25.15 Reply
  9. Lauren Scorzafava wrote:

    These are all really great tips! I’ve never been to a blogger conference but I would love to attend one!

    Lauren Elizabeth
    Petite in Pearls

    Posted 6.26.15 Reply
  10. Jeanne wrote:

    Cool! Wish there was a blogging conference in Adelaide I could attend!

    Posted 6.27.15 Reply
  11. Sonya Matejko wrote:

    I have the same business card holder! Need to order another because its gotten quite scratched.

    Posted 11.2.15 Reply
  12. I really enjoyed reading your post! Very insightful. Thank you. I am planning in attending some blog conferences in 2016. Any suggestions?

    Posted 12.7.15 Reply
  13. Great tips on attending blog conferences. Live events are such an important part of connecting and growing your business. Keep up the great work and live unstoppable!

    Posted 12.15.15 Reply