The Bad Habits Savings Challenge

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Hi, my name is Alicia, and I’m admittedly not the best at saving money.  Which is why I came up with a savings challenge that I’m excited to share with you today!

Being a blogger is pretty much horrible for your wallet. You feel tempted to buy new outfits to link, have the best home decor, and scoop up the best beauty products. While my readers appreciate my honest reviews, I don’t think my wallet appreciates me that much!

One of my 2021 intentions is to get better about my finances. We have a few major life changes coming up (that I can’t wait to fill you in on!), and I’m at the point where I finally have enough years of self-employed revenue records to start applying for mortgages. Honestly, I’d prefer to own a home before I even considered getting married, so I feel like this is the next logical step for me! However, the only way I can achieve my goals this year and beyond is if I’m smart about my finances.

Bad Habits Savings Challenge

About a month ago, I saw a post that sparked the idea of a bad habits savings challenge. Basically, every time you partake in a bad habit, you have to put a certain amount of money in your savings account. Brilliant, right? Today, I’m sharing what the list of my bad habits is and inviting you to join in on the fun this year as well!

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To my morning coffees: you will be missed.

The Bad Habits Savings Challenge

What I love about this challenge is that it A. either motivates you to stop partaking in bad habits, or B. helps you save a lot of money. Either way, you can’t lose! We’re a week into the year, and, honestly? I’ve saved a ton of money so far with my list. Not doing so well with the bad habits!

This list is tailored for me and my lifestyle/career, but feel free to add things in or swap things out to tailor the challenge to you and your needs. I also plan on giving myself a bit of grace if I’m sick or if there’s a family emergency I’m dealing with, and I encourage you to do the same.

The OffenseThe $ Amount to Put in Savings
Ordering Takeout When You Have a Full Fridge of Groceries$5 per meal
Skipping a Workout (Aim to work out 3x/week)$10 per workout skipped
Impulse Clothing PurchaseMatch $ Amount of Purchase
Forgetting to Call Mom$5/week
Not Washing Dishes$5
Skipping a Weekly Chore$5 per chore missed
Working on the Couch Instead of At Your Desk$5/day
Not Drining 8 Glasses of Water/Day$5/day
Skipping a Webinar You Signed Up For$5

Again, these are some bad habits that I personally repeat regularly, but feel free to customize this chart to better suit your lifestyle and finances! Bon chance.

Drop a comment below if you’re joining in on the Bad Habits Savings Challenge, and let me know what other “bad habits” you might be trying to eliminate in 2021!

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  1. Dana Mannarino wrote:

    OMG this is such a good idea! I think I’d be RICH if I partook (partaked? I’m LOLing at me being so confused for this word). ANYWAY….I think I might have to join you!

    Dana | It’s Casual Blog 

    Posted 1.6.21 Reply
  2. Devon wrote:

    Love this idea- especially the savings match for impulse shopping!!

    Posted 1.8.21 Reply