The 9-5 Grind with Rubi’s Fresh Ground Coffee

Now that I’ve graduated from college and have entered the
“real world,” my appreciation for a cup of Joe has grown immensely. My internal
clock hasn’t adjusted to the 9-5 life just yet, so coffee is essential for me
to get through the workweek.  Unfortunately
with my entry-level budget and student loan repayments on the horizon, I’m not
able to purchase the $5 cups of coffee I’ve grown accustomed to.
This all changed when the folks at Rubi invited me to come
check out their Seattle’s Best Fresh Ground Coffee Kiosk. There was a Rubi
kiosk less than a mile away from my job in a grocery store. How convenient! The
kiosk was located right in the front of the store, right next to the entrance.
My mornings can get pretty hectic, so being able to grab my coffee and go is
definitely a plus!

My favorite part about Rubi’s kiosks were the prices. $2.00
for a large coffee? Sign me up! If you’re not convinced to make the switch to Rubi coffee yet, you
can get a free coffee by texting “Bean2cup” to 727272. They also had plenty of
delicious flavors to choose from, including your regular, fresh ground coffee
to decaf options and they even had a Pumpkin Spice option! Who isn’t obsessed
with pumpkin flavored drinks this fall?
The kiosk was super easy to use and fast as well – I was in
and out in less than 5 minutes! A short wait and a hot cup of coffee leads to a
very productive day at work!

If only there was a Rubi kiosk in every store! A girl can
dream, right?
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