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Can I start off this post with a legitimate question? How to food bloggers not drool over their keyboards while editing food photos and writing posts? Because I am for sure not capable of this feat. Anyway. Back to your regularly scheduled blog.

It’s Friday, and only one thing is on my mind: what restaurant will I dine at this weekend? Last week I got the awesome opportunity to try the brand new Tapabar in Bethesda, MD. If you couldn’t tell by the name, it’s a tapas restaurant that’s located right on Bethesda Row. The best thing about this restaurant? It’s a budget friendly concept. The goal is to get you in, have you share a ton of plates with friends, order 1-2 glasses of wine and still keep you bill at under $50. Yes, my friends. I know this is pretty much unheard of in the D.C. area. All of the tapas plates that Tapabar has to offer are between $3.50-15, while the entree-sized dishes range between $18-25. 

The menu is pretty remarkable for being so budget-friendly. First thing’s first, Tapabar has a special selection of gin and tonics with different infused homemade tonics. I’m not a gin and tonic girl by any means, but I was a major fan of the different flavors Tapabar had to offer! I decided to try the grapefruit infused option, and I was pleasantly surprised with my choice. They also have two signature sangrias to choose from as well.

Now let’s chat about this food that I’m currently drooling over. I sampled the fan-favorites: the Gambas Al Ajillo, Coliflor Al Pimenton and Tartare. What I love about the food at Tapabar is that all of the ingreedients taste incredibly fresh, and that they don’t try to overdo any of the dishes. I would highly recommend all of these dishes, but the cauliflower was my absolute favorite!

Tapabar is such an awesome option for either an affordable date night or a girls night out! The next time I’m in Bethesda, I know where I’m dining!

Tapabar Bethesda
4901 A Fairmont
Bethesda, MD 20814

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