A Girls Night Timeline

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I was about to type in “Ladies Night” for the title of this post, but Ladies Night reminds me of the godawful clubs in downtown D.C. running promotions trying to lure the unsuspecting in, so let’s just call this Girls Night. Cool? Cool.

Here’s a brief timeline of what my life is like every Friday-Sunday. Just kidding, at least one of those nights I’m Netflixing alone on my couch with popcorn, I’m not that popular. I’m living the 20-something dream, y’all.

4:49 PM: Get a text asking what I’m up to tonight. I don’t know, I’m insanely indecisive.  My gal pal asks me to hit up the town tonight, I immediately say yes.

5:12 PM: Continue to round up the rest of the girl squad, because I am the unofficial organizer of my girl group. C’est la vie.

5:55 PM: Realizes I’m exhausted, decides to take a one hour power nap before going out.

8:21 PM: Nap lasts way longer than an hour, wakes up disoriented, confused, and hungry.

8:32 PM. Pizza. Yes, I need to eat this leftover pizza I’ve been #blessed with in the fridge. I need fuel for the night. There are vegetables on this pizza, that means its healthy, right?


8:49 PM: Realizes I have an hour to get ready. Uh-oh. I haven’t showered. I need to smell like, OutKast level of fresh and clean. Reaches for my new St. Ives® Refresh & Revive Pear Nectar & Soy Body Wash to get the job done. Emerges from shower smelling like what I think Beyoncé would smell like. A pear-like Beyoncé. Pear-yoncé. Not to mention, my skin feels ridiculously smooth now.

9:24 PM: Looks for favorite fragrance, is unable to find it. Lathers on St. Ives® Refresh & Revive Pear Nectar & Soy Body Lotion for a light, fresh scent that smells amazing yet isn’t overwhelming. Also, did you know that it’s pear season? What better time to rock this scent!


9:28 PM: Dances in mirror because I smell that amazing. Checks time. Panics.

9:56 PM: Changes outfit four times before deciding on the one. It’s the first outfit I tried on the first place. Oh well.

10:19 PM: Friends text me to say they’re there. I say I’m in my Uber. Just kidding, I’m still trying to match up my eyeliner.

10:37 PM: I finally arrive, looking great, smelling great, and ready to shake it off with my ladies!

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Boom, that’s how to be #flawless for a girls night out! I plan on using my St. Ives all throughout fall and winter to keep me hydrated and smelling fresh!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of St. Ives. The opinions and text are all mine.