The Best Spring Eyewear Trends

Fashion blogger Alicia Tenise styles the Kate Spade Ladonna Glasses from Visionworks

Bebe BB 5124 Frames, Green Eyewear Trend

Salsa SA 7000 Frames, Gold Eyewear Trend

Guess GU7479 Sunglasses

How to Wear Green Frames

Reflective Sunglasses Trend

Spring 2017 Eyewear Trends

Sunglasses trends 2017

Kate Spade Ladonna Frames | Salsa SA 7000 Frames | Bebe BB5124 Frames | Guess GU 7479 Sunglasses

Pssst: did you guys know that I am pretty much blind as a bat? I’ve rocked my glasses on the blog a few times before, but I mostly wear contacts throughout the week. However, my contacts have become super expensive over the years due to my astigmatism, and I’ve been on the hunt for a pair of frames to rock to hopefully wear my glasses more and cut down on how much I wear my contacts (and maybe save some dollar bills, friends!)

I’ve teamed up with Visionworks to show off the 4 best eyewear trends of 2017 — and never fret, for those of you who magically have perfect vision, I stuck in a pair of sunglasses in this post as well for you! Side note, I’m jealous of you. Ugh.

Go for the Gold Details

You know me, I love all gold everything! I was so stoked to see that gold accents were in style this season. These Kate Spade frames are bold, funky, and something that I would totally rock for a special occasion, while this pair of Salsa frames had subtle gold accents on the sides that made them a little more toned down for everyday wear. To tell you a secret: the Salsa frames were my absolute favorite, and I definitely see myself wearing them on a regular basis! They had the perfect amount of bling to make me happy.

Dare to go Green

I know. I know. I never really thought that green frames would work for me, but I’m actually obsessed with them! It’s such a fun, unexpected color that really looks super chic at the end of the day. Green is the Pantone color of 2017 so it really came as no surprise that this color would be everywhere this season. These Bebe frames were super adorable, and I got so many compliments on them when I wore them out around town!

Be Bold with Angular Suns

Alright, alright: this trend is for you lucky ducks with 20/20 vision! For sunglasses this spring, go for a pair that’s super angular in shape to give your look a bit more edge! From sharp square edges to boxy-cat eyes, there’s a perfect pair of angular sunglasses out there for you to try this season. I absolutely adore this pair of Guess sunglasses, and the reflective lens definitely doesn’t hurt either!

Do you wear glasses? What 2017 eyewear trends are you excited about?

Thank you to Visionworks for partnering with me for today’s post, Anna Meyer for the stunning photos, and The Apollo for letting me shoot on your fabulous rooftop! All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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  1. Dana Mannarino wrote:

    I’m actually LOVING those green shades!

    Pink Champagne Problems

    Posted 5.10.17 Reply
  2. Erica wrote:

    You look really good in glasses. I haven’t worn glasses since I was 5 (I was temporarily cross-eyed) But reading this posts makes me want to wear them again. And of course, there are always sunglasses.

    Posted 5.10.17 Reply
  3. Carly wrote:

    I love those green frames! You have such great style you could rock any style frames!

    Carly |

    Posted 5.11.17 Reply
  4. Danielle Gervino wrote:

    How cute are these?! Loving all of the styles you picked out!

    xx, Danielle | Pineapple & Prosecco

    Posted 5.11.17 Reply
  5. These glasses are so cute! I love how easily you pull off this fun green color!

    Posted 5.11.17 Reply
  6. Maggie wrote:

    I love all of these glasses and sunglasss! They are all so chic and look perfect on you!


    Posted 5.11.17 Reply
  7. Anna English wrote:

    Those sunnies are so fun! Love that frame on you.

    Posted 5.11.17 Reply
  8. I haven’t gotten a new pair of frames in yeeears. I am way overdue! I love the green pair on you!
    By Lauren M

    Posted 5.12.17 Reply
  9. Ashley Zeal wrote:

    I love them all!

    Posted 5.12.17 Reply
  10. those glasses are the cutest!!

    Posted 5.12.17 Reply
  11. Stephanie wrote:

    I’m pretty sure you could rock every single eyewear trend that exists, you cutie! I love the KS frames the best, and I actually own those Bebe frames in black (wearing them right now)!

    Stephanie //

    Posted 5.14.17 Reply
  12. Sara wrote:

    I LOVE all four of these frames, especially the green ones! I have a red pair of Kate Spade glasses that I never thought would look good on me, but they surprisingly do!

    Posted 5.14.17 Reply
  13. Rachel wrote:

    So many cute glasses! And all those throw pillows, heaven!

    xo Rachel – To Hell in a Handbag

    Posted 5.14.17 Reply
  14. Summer Lee wrote:

    NEED those sunnies!! such a cute post

    Posted 5.14.17 Reply
  15. I LOVE the green ones! So so cute!



    Posted 5.14.17 Reply
  16. SOOOO many great glasses, can’t even decide which are my fave!

    Posted 5.15.17 Reply
  17. Nicholle Brainard wrote:

    SO cute! I love these cat eye glasses on you! They are definitely my favorite.

    Posted 5.15.17 Reply
  18. You look adorable in alll of them! I LOVE the green pair!

    Xo Mindy I

    Posted 5.15.17 Reply
  19. Amy wrote:

    Those glasses look amazing on you!

    Posted 5.15.17 Reply
  20. Emily Clark wrote:

    Love the glasses. How about shades of “Shade Tree glasses”? Love the designs of Classic Merica, The Patriot, Half Dome etc.

    Posted 6.2.17 Reply