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Schön skin care

Guys, I’m not gonna lie: I’ve tried dozens upon dozens of skincare routines and up until now, I just couldn’t figure out the best system for me.

Let’s dial it back a little bit: I had pretty moderate-severe acne back in middle/high school. I also have combination skin/am prone to breakouts in the t-zone. I saw a dermatologist at one point, but with my hectic schedule it was a little hard to constantly go back for the creams she prescribed.

Now that I’ve gotten a little older, my acne has backed off a little bit. Since it hasn’t been severe in years, I didn’t really bother to do any agressive treatments or see a dermatologist anymore. However, I did experience mild-moderate breakouts at times and I noticed that my skintone was a little uneven due to acne scarring.
Schön skin care

I got invited to stop by Dr. Hayre’s office in McLean, VA, a renowned dermatologist who has her very own skincare line: Schön Skin Care. At a quick 15-minute consultation, she recommended an entire skincare routine based on my own skin concerns to try out for a couple of months.

The products she recommended for me were…

  • Purifying Gel Cleanser. This cleanser really packed a punch, and was able to combat my acne the most. I don’t use this particular cleanser every day since it’s winter and my skin is incredibly dry, however, by using it a few times a week I was able to keep my breakouts to a minimum.
  • Calming Cream Cleanser. This is the cleanser I used most of the time and I was obsessed with it! It went on so smooth, and my skin felt incredibly soft after using this cleanser. It also was gentle enough so that it didn’t strip away any of the much-needed moisture my skin needed during this harsh winter.
  • Sheer Signature BB Cream. I’m not going to lie, I slack on sunscreen quite a bit because I’ve never had a sunburn in my life. Just because I’m not getting burned, that doesn’t mean that the sun isn’t harsh on my skin. I loved the Sheer Signature BB cream because it was super light, it nourished my skin, and it was SPF 30, which really protected my skin from the sun!
  • Oil Free Balancing Complex. I loved, love loved this moisturizer. It was light enough that I could wear during the hottest summer day, but it packs an amazing moisture punch. I applied it once in the morning, once at night and that was all I needed. In the past, because my skin gets so dry, I’ve had to reapply moisturizer throughout the day, but this one was potent enough for me to only need it a couple times a day.My skin also tends to get more oily throughout the day, and this product was fantastic because it moisturized my skin without making my t-zone areas oily. Goodbye, blotting pads!
  • Complexion Brightening Pads. This is Dr. Hayre’s most popular product, and I can see why! Dr. Hayre recommended this to me because of the dark spots I had on my face due to acne scarring. After a couple of months, my skintone looks way more even, and I’ve noticed a significant improvement with my dark spots. I’ve hardly been wearing foundation these last few weeks because my complexion looks even enough! 

Schön skin care

Schön skin care

Here’s a photo of me after being on Dr. Hayre’s skin regimen for the last couple of months. My skin is smoother, brighter, and overall in really fantastic shape. If you’re local, you can stop by her office in McLean for a consultation, and for the out-of-town folks, you can browse her incredible selection of products online

Thank you to Schön Skin Care for partnering with me for today’s post!

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  1. This skincare looks interesting! Love it!



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  2. Amanda K wrote:

    Your skin looks beautiful!
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  3. Brianne George wrote:

    Wow, your skin looks gorgeous! I’ll have to check this out.

    Xo, Brianne

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  4. Adaleta Avdic wrote:

    I’ve never heard of this brand, but you’ve got me intrigued! Thanks for sharing! xx adaatude.com

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  5. I have never heard of this brand but it sounds like we might have similar skin. I’m going to look into it!


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  6. JenniferHenry-Novich wrote:

    I always love discovering new skin care! Love your relaxing on the couch pic!

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