RVA Bacon Festival

Images courtesy of the Richmond Times-Dispatch
It was the moment we all were waiting for in Richmond — the first anual Richmond Bacon Festival! Bacon, beer, how could this festival be anything less than spectacular? 
When I say everyone in RVA showed up to this festival, I mean everyone in RVA showed up: the 17th Street Farmer’s Market was jam packed with thousands of people. We stood in line for 45 minutes just to get a couple small plates of food (the plates from Popkin Tavern = delicious!) I sampled the Virginia Porchetta, some flavored slices of bacon and a maple bacon popsicle, which were all amazing. We only stayed for an hour since it was pretty hard to stand in line for that long in the heat with the delectable smell of bacon all around us. I’m hoping that next year they choose a larger venue to host this festival; a more spread out site would have made it more enjoyable!

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