Five Things You Should Do Before Your Next Road Trip

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Fuel Savings With Walmart+, Five Things You Should Do Before A Road Trip

Ah, road trips. After driving across the country last year during my big move from Virginia to Los Angeles, I’ve become quite fond of them. This year, I’m taking a break from flying until after Labor Day with all of the airline issues this year, but luckily, there’s so much to explore within driving distance of LA.

I know that some of you are in the same boat as me and have no desire to hop on a flight anytime soon. If you also want to explore a bit more by car, here are five things you should do before your next road trip.

Fuel Savings With Walmart+

Five Things You Should Do Before Your Next Road Trip

Give Your Car Some TLC

Before any road trip, you will want to ensure that your car Is in tip-top shape. The last thing you’d want is to get stranded in the middle of nowhere with vehicle issues!

Some car maintenance items that should be on your list include:

  • Check your tire pressure and car battery
  • Make sure your lights, AC, and electronics are working
  • Test your brakes
  • Replace your filters if needed
  • Have your up-to-date car insurance info and vehicle registration handy

Save on Fuel With a Walmart+ Membership

Save on Fuel With a Walmart+ Membership

I’ve had a Walmart+ membership for a couple of years, which has saved me so much money and time. You guys know that I love stocking up on my grocery essentials with Walmart+, but one member benefit that has come in handy, especially this year, is the fuel savings.

Walmart+ members save up to 10 cents off every gallon of gas at 14,000 fuel stations nationwide (Fuel discount varies by location & station, subject to change.). With gas prices skyrocketing this summer, this is one membership benefit that I’ve been happy to take advantage of. We’ve recently had a couple of back-to-back road trips up to the Bay Area, and by using this member benefit, we saved over $40+ on gas during our travels this past month.

If you haven’t tried Walmart+ yet, you can sign up for a free 30-day trial. I have a feeling that you’ll love it just as much as I do!

Five Things You Should Do Before A Road Trip | Downtown Los Angeles

Pack the Essentials

If you’re spending a lot of time in your car, here are some things that have made the road trip experience a lot smoother for me in the past:

Walmart+ Road Trip Essentials, Woman inside car with sunglasses and a peace sign

Ditch the Unnecessary Weight

Did you know that the lighter your car is, the better gas mileage you’ll get?

According to the EPA, for every 100 pounds taken out of the vehicle, the fuel economy is increased by 1-2%. If your car is heavier, it will require more energy to move.

Obviously, life happens, and sometimes we end up with a messy car. However, do yourself a favor and eliminate the unnecessary items in your vehicle before heading off on your next road trip. A simple car clean-out can save you in the long run!

Dior Book Tote, Delsey Chatelet Plus 21 Carry-On Hardside Spinner Suitcase

Download Offline Maps & Playlists

I am very thankful for cell phones in this day and age. While I remember road trips in the 90s with maps, I also remember my family getting very lost when we traveled at times without exact turn-by-turn directions.

If you rely on your phone’s GPS like I do, more than likely, you’re going to hit a stretch where you don’t get a signal. Make sure to download offline maps before you head off on your trip — you can figure out which maps are available for download offline here.

As a Walmart+ member, you also get six months free of Spotify premium with your membership — and here, you can make playlists to download for offline use as well. So you won’t miss any of your favorite podcasts or the new Beyoncé album when it drops. (Not available to W+ trial members or Spotify users who have tried Premium)

Are you headed off on any road trips this summer? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. Catherine wrote:

    Love this. I need to update some things for my car not just for road trips but general everyday use. Thanks for the reminder!

    Posted 7.29.22 Reply
  2. Christine S. wrote:

    I think my next road trip is to Virginia Beach in September – I’ll have to bookmark these tips!!

    Posted 7.30.22 Reply
    • Alicia wrote:

      OMG have so much fun for me! I haven’t been to VA Beach in ages!

      Posted 8.3.22 Reply