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Can I tell you a secret here? I’ve never played a sport. I did cheerleading for a couple of years, and ballet from age 3-18, but anything involving a ball? Forget about it.

The folks at PlayYourCourt invited me to try out their amazing company and a tennis lesson.  PlayYourCourt’s goal is to take tennis out of the intimidating country clubs and into the fun, public parks of  the community.  Needless to say I was still a little nervous. Was I going to embarrass myself in public? Was I going to somehow trip and fall in the middle of Georgetown? Was I going to let my sports idol, Serena Williams down? Before I entered the court, I may or may not have asked Jesus to take the wheel a few times.

I met with my instructor Miles and he had me do some warmups at first. I didn’t realize half of tennis was about your footwork. I kind of got an okay grasp on that since I’ve danced for so many years. Then, we eased into a few basic moves, backhand, serving, all that jazz. I successfully did some killer serves, which I was shocked I could even do. This athletically challenged girl right here? She was getting the hang of things by the end of the lesson. 

I think the reason why I had such a successful lesson is that PlayYourCourt’s online system matches you up with the perfect local coach who best fits their specific needs. I was able to tell them ahead of time what my #TennisGoals were, and Miles helped me achieve them at our lesson. All of their coaches are ranked by three metrics: an extensive in-person interview with PlayYourCourt’s founder (and lifelong tennis player and coach) Scott Baxter, client reviews, and their retention rate. By using this system, PlayYourCourt is able to ensure that every coach they hire is absolutely amazing so that you have the best possible experience.

Tennis is a really amazing workout, which is something I never expected either. Let me tell you: I worked up a seeeerious sweat by the end of our session! If you’re still not 100% sure about tennis, PlayYourCourt has a great blog that gives you insider tips and tricks on how to step up your game!

Thank you to PlayYourCourt for partnering with me on today’s post.

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  1. Playing tennis sounds really fun !! I’ve never played a sport either haha
    The color palette

    Posted 8.4.16 Reply
  2. Jenny wrote:

    I played tennis a little bit in middle school but I was a dancer as well so I feel ya girl.

    xoxo, Jenny

    Posted 8.4.16 Reply
  3. ZAUNI. wrote:

    Oh my, I was horrible at tennis when I was younger. My mom signed me up for tennis one season & I quit after the first lesson, haha. (To this day she’s mad about that because she couldn’t get a refund, lol).

    Never considered doing it for a workout, but might have to give it a go for fun. Thanks for testing it out for all of us!


    Posted 8.7.16 Reply