Summer of Rooftops

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I was asked to participate in the #SayItWithPepsi campaign, sponsored by PepsiCo. at Walgreens. Although I have been compensated, all opinions are my own.

I cannot believe this summer is flying by so fast! I always get a little sad once the Fourth of July passes because I know I only have a few weeks left to cross out things on my summer bucket list.

Most of my summer bucket list includes things I can do and see in my good ol’ hometown of D.C. Even though I grew up in the area, I left for five years and I’ve only been an “adult” in this city for the past three years. I still have so many things I want to check out in the Nation’s Capital!

I jokingly have called this summer the “summer of rooftops,” because I’ve stumbled upon so many great rooftop decks in the last few weeks! Rooftops are one of my favorite locations to hang out with friends, we can do anything from taking a dip in the pool to hosting barbecues to simply relaxing after a long day of work.

The Pepsi Emoji bottles I mentioned in a post a couple weeks ago have been spotted at all of our rooftop parties this summer! It’s the perfect, non-alcoholic drink for the season and just fit perfecting within each get-together me and my friends have. I still love the heart emoji bottle the most; it’s perfect for whatever mood I’m in! Because whether I’m feeling the love from my friends or in love with the beauty of my city I’m able to #SayItWithPepsi all summer long!

Don’t forget to stop by your local Walgreens to pick up a Pepsi Emoji bottle to make your next social event special! Take advantage of these promotions while you’re there – July and August buy 2 Pepsi emojis for $3, get 250 balance rewards points.

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