Nine to Five Work Essentials

As some of you may know, I recently graduated from college and got myself a “big-girl job!” I’m still getting used to the 9-5 life, but I think I finally have narrowed down my essentials to get through the work day. Whether you’re an intern or own the company, I’m sure all of these items will help your workday go a little bit smoother. 
1. Notebook: When your supervisor is giving you directions or when you’re in a meeting, you’re definitely going to need something to jot notes in. I love to go with a notebook with a little bit of flair, like this ikat composition book. 
2. Lip Balm: Chapped lips make me feel pretty uncomfortable, so get a confidence boost from a fun, tinted lip balm. I highly recommend the Sugar Lip Treatment because they have a bit of SPF 15 for protection, a light citrus scent and is long lasting!
3. Work Tote: Skip the mini crossbody bag and opt for a roomy tote for work. Choose a bag that’s big enough to hold a folder or two so you can hold documents and not worry about them getting bent up! 
4. Business Card Holder: Don’t stuff your business cards in your wallet; keep them nice and neat in a business card holder. You’ll make a statement with this adorable Kate Spade case!
5. Headphones: If you’re taking public transit to work, this is not negotiable. You’ll be a lot happier listening to your favorite song on the way to work rather than the street performer on the subway. 

6. Lunchbox: As tempting as it is to eat Chipotle for lunch everyday, it’s a healthy and budget-friendly move to pack your lunch. Who wouldn’t want to pack their lunch with this adorable lunchbox from Target! 
7. Phone Charger: We’ve all been there. We wake up, didn’t bother to charge our phones the night before, and boom: your phone died, making for a very lonely lunch break. Keep an extra phone charger in your bag at all times, because I know life is hard without your smartphone. 
8. Roll-up Flats: I really wish I had these as a fashion intern in New York! If you’re having a Devil Wears Prada moment or if you’re just exhausted after a long work day, store some roll-up flats in your bag. The best part: they’ll take up way less space than a pair of sneakers!
9. Hand Sanitizer: You’ll need a little bit of this after commuting via public transit, before you eat that snack your coworkers gave you, or just because cold season is upon us. However, if you can head to the bathroom and actually wash your hands, do that instead!
10. Hand Cream: Because winter is right around the corner, you’ll definitely need some extra hand cream in your work bag. You don’t want to shake hands with the president of the company with dry skin, right? 
11. Planner: Whether you’re an intern or the big boss, you’ll need to keep track of assignments and deadlines. Even though I have my Outlook calendars at work, I like to stay organized with a fun, illustrated planner. This Kate Spade 2014 agenda allows you to plan by the hour and is an adorable way to stay on top of things!
What are your must-haves for work? Drop me a comment below!

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