New Years Intentions vs. Resolutions

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Long time no see, my friends!

I hope everyone enjoyed the holidays, and I wish all of you a Happy New Year! I took a 2-week break to do a bit of reflecting and recharging, and it was super necessary. 2019 was an exciting year for me: business-wise, it was super successful, but mental health-wise, I fell apart towards the end of the year.

To be quite honest, I’m not super big into New Years resolutions. However, I think it’s a great idea to set New Years intentions instead. Resolutions can be super specific and limiting. However, intentions can point you in the right direction all year long.

An intention is something you can accomplish daily and is a lot more attainable than a grand resolution. For example, instead of saying you’re going to lose 20 pounds as a New Years’ resolution, set a daily goal to move more. We all have phones that track our steps and the distance we’ve walked, so challenging yourself to move more and more each day would be a solid intention.

I’ve spent the last two weeks reflecting on what I want my intentions to be for 2020. Here are my three big intentions for this year:

New Years Intentions

Practice Self-Love

I can safely say that I didn’t really take care of myself that well in 2020.

I played the comparison game a bit too much, and I doubted myself a lot. Imposter syndrome got the best of me for quite a bit of 2019. I almost backed out of a couple of campaigns at the end of December because I was convinced that I couldn’t pull it off.

Y’all, I’m tired. And I don’t have time for these types of feelings in 2020. This year, I’m going to practice self-love daily — whether it’s reminding myself of a time that I’ve crushed it, signing up for yoga, or treating myself to an at-home spa night from time to time. I intend to show myself a bit of self-love every single day — and I challenge you to do the same. 

Get My Finances in Order

Guys: I love being self-employed, but I don’t get paid every two weeks. Sometimes, I’ll get paid five figures in a week. Sometimes, I’ll go for weeks without getting paid a single dime. It’s tough and quite frankly terrifying at times!

I definitely improved my budgeting skills in 2019, but I want to take it a step further this year. At the end of last year, I hired a financial trainer to help me with some of my long-term financial goals: I want to have a solid retirement plan, learn how to invest and pay off some debt that I have, and I knew that it was time to ask for professional help.

On a daily basis, I want to be more conscious about budgeting in general. I eat out way too much since I travel a lot, so when I’m home and am able to grocery shop, I just need to go ahead and do it. Besides, I’ve pretty much exhausted all of the takeout options in my small town, so learning how to prepare more meals at home will cut out unnecessary spending.

Second, I plan on shopping less this year. Using rental services like Rent the Runway has been a godsend, and I have typically rented $5000 worth of clothes each month…for less than $200. Having an endless closet has been a dream! 

Admittedly, I did feel the pressure to spend, spend, spend after meeting some girls from rsTheCon to have the latest and greatest clothes, so that my audience could shop my affiliate links. That was a low point in the year for me and something that was completely unnecessary. If I’m going to buy something, I either need to A. need it, or B. love it!

Do Things That Make Me Happy

Blogging used to be my hobby, then it turned into my full-time job. And spoiler alert: I never got another hobby after I started blogging full-time.

I need to do something other than going to work, the gym, happy hour, and back, so I’m working on getting back into hobbies this year. I used to dance all growing up, and I’ve found a local dance studio that teaches adult classes (and that I can also drop into!) I’m looking forward to my first class; dance has always been the biggest stress reliever for me, and I will forever feel at home in the studio!

So, tell me…what are some New Years intentions you want to try?  Let me know in a comment below!

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