My 5 Go-To Lip Shades

This is something kind of something super lame to admit, but lipstick has pretty much terrified me for a long time. I have pretty large, full lips, so it’s easy for me to look ridiculous with lipstick. Over the years, I’ve come to love it. I don’t like wearing a ton of makeup, so it’s really easy to swipe on only lipstick and mascara and leave the house and still look put together. Here are my 5 go-to lip shades that are always in rotation!


1. MAC Cosmetics ‘Dubbonet’
This was one of the first red lipsticks I’ve ever purchased. It was a great ease into bold lipstick because it’s cream based and a little orange-based so it’s not too vibrant.

2. MAC Cosmetics ‘Rebel’
This is not a safe color at all and I was kind of timid wearing it at first. I quickly ended up loving it! The best thing about Rebel is that it looks amazing on pretty much every skin tone and it is such a fun purple lip color. This one is definitely my go-to in the fall/winter!

3. MAC ‘Flat Out Fabulous’
If you’ve been reading along this summer, you know that Flat Out Fabulous is my jam. It’s the perfect, matte fuchsia lip that’s sure to turn heads during the warmer months!

4. IT Cosmetics ‘Je Ne Sais Quoi’ Lip Flush + ‘Love’ CC+ Lip Serum
This is my ultimate shade for work and super casual days. I love the subtle pink of the flush and the serum, and not to mention the lip flush really gives my lips much needed hydration. The lip serum also contains anti-aging ingredients, so not only is it gorgeous, but it’s good for you as well! Win/win!

5. Makeup Meltdown Custom Shade ℅
Yes friends, this is a custom lip color that I helped create all by myself. My friend Jenn let me borrow a lipstick at SBScon, and I knew I had to snag this shade for myself. The owner of Makeup Meltdown, Aleah, visited me at my apartment and helped me create a lip color to that would compliment my skin tone perfectly. I showed her photos of myself wearing my friend’s lipstick and she was able to imitate that color perfectly.

She mixed the color on-site, and once I decided on a shade, she had it created and shipped it to my house the very next day. Not only was I able to choose my own lip color, but I was also able to select my own personalized case for it as well. I had to opt for the black and gold case, it gave me serious Chanel vibes! The best part about this entire process is that when I’m ready for a refill, Aleah has saved my custom lipstick combination and I can order another tube with ease.

If any of my D.C. readers are interested in creating their own custom lipstick, Makeup Meltdown is hosting a free event at Vida Fitness on Sunday, August 23rd from 3-5pm (open to nonmembers as well!)

What is your go-to lipstick color?

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  1. Casey wrote:

    I have so many lipsticks and I never wear any of them! Definitely going to have to start putting them back in rotation soon!


    Posted 7.27.15 Reply
  2. Okay the fact you have a custom shade is pretty cool!! It seriously looks the best in my opinions! Love it!

    XO Corbin Tate
    Classy South Blog

    Posted 7.27.15 Reply
  3. Nancy wrote:

    WHAT! That is wicked – I love the custom colour the BEST on you!!

    Posted 7.27.15 Reply
  4. I’ve been meaning to try the IT Cosmetics Lip Flush! I’m all about tinted lip balms and moisturizing lipsticks. It’s very cool that you got to create your own lipstick! It really does look wonderful with your skin tone!

    Posted 7.27.15 Reply
  5. Ashley Vickney wrote:

    I love the first one! But the custom color definitely looks the best! I’m really into lipstains right nowm but this make sme want to try a custom color!
    This is really cool!

    Posted 7.27.15 Reply
  6. Ally wrote:

    I really love the ‘Flat out Fabulous’ on you! (But let’s be honest, all of them look great on you).
    Matte Lipsticks have been a game-changer for me this summer.

    Alessandra | The PumpUp Blog

    Posted 7.27.15 Reply
  7. Jenny wrote:

    I’ve been wanting to try MAC Rebel for so long and I might need to snag it for the fall/winter months asap.

    xoxo, Jenny || Breakfast at Lillys

    Posted 7.27.15 Reply
  8. I have a recent love affair with lipstick! I only have a few but the obsession is growing. I haven’t tried any Mac products, but I know they’re pretty much the lipstick holy grails. I think I’ll have to sneak into the one in my mall and check some lippies out.

    Southern Belle Secrets

    Posted 7.27.15 Reply
  9. These are beautiful on you! I’m recently getting more into lipstick, but am very timid to wear them during work. I think I just need to find my own “work-appropriate” shades that I’m comfortable with! Thanks for sharing!

    Posted 7.27.15 Reply
  10. Oh my goodness! I wish that I lived closer, because a custom lipstick would be a dream come true. I love how well you pull off a bold lip!

    XX, SS || A Little Seersucker Sass

    Posted 7.27.15 Reply
  11. Jordyn wrote:

    All of these shades look fab on you girl. I love love the je nais se quois look and the custom shade is so so fun. I would love to create a custom lip shade. Amazing <3

    Posted 7.27.15 Reply
  12. Elana wrote:

    I love how you styled this post. It’s nice to see the makeup on someone – it’s so hard to tell from the packaging!

    Posted 7.27.15 Reply
  13. Allison Ellzey wrote:

    I love this type of post!

    Posted 7.27.15 Reply
  14. Hannah wrote:

    Way to rock the bright pink! I could never pull that off!!

    Posted 7.27.15 Reply
  15. I love rebel! I need to try out brighter colors in my lipsticks!



    Posted 7.27.15 Reply
  16. Miss ALK wrote:

    First off- you are the cutest thing ever!! You just have the most beautiful smile! Second, I also love these types of post! I’m a HUGE make-up fan, especially for eye shadow, mascara and lip products, so I love seeing what blog friends are using and loving!

    xoxo A

    Posted 7.27.15 Reply
  17. Tiffani Grosser wrote:

    The last two are my favorite! They look so great on you!


    Posted 7.27.15 Reply
  18. I was the same way when it came to lipstick! I was intimidated by it for so long. I used to wear lipgloss, but now I can’t even though lipgloss. I’m all about lipstick. I can see why these five shades are your go-tos. They all look great on you!

    Posted 7.28.15 Reply
  19. Ashley wrote:

    I can see why these are your top 5 colors! They all look gorgeous on you! My favorite lipstick currently is Bite cosmetics in the shade ‘Fig’. It’s the perfect neutral color to wear everyday!

    xo Ashley

    Posted 7.28.15 Reply
  20. I’m definitely not a lipstick kind of girl, but these shades all look amazing on you! I didn’t know that creating your own lipstick shade was even a thing. So cool!

    Kayla |

    Posted 7.28.15 Reply
  21. Lauren Ashley wrote:

    I love Rebel but can’t pull it off half as well as you can! This is a great post and now I want all of the lip shades!


    The Fashionista’s Diary

    Posted 7.28.15 Reply
  22. Flat out Fabulous looks stunning on you!!! I always forget about the lipsticks / lip glosses I have but keep buying them because they are so cute 😀

    Annie // Annie N Belle

    Posted 7.28.15 Reply
  23. Marie Huang wrote:

    I love all of these but Flat Out Fabulous is my favorite on you! I am such a sucker for a bold pink lip! Gorgeous!


    Marie H.

    Progression By Design

    Posted 7.28.15 Reply
  24. Iris wrote:

    Those all look gorgeous on you.

    My current go to lip colour is Dark Room by Melt Cosmetics.

    Posted 7.28.15 Reply
  25. Awesome shades! I haven’t really experimented with lipstick as much as I should have. I really want to try a pretty red shade to see if it would look good on my face!

    Posted 7.28.15 Reply
  26. Cat wrote:

    I love all these shades!

    Posted 7.28.15 Reply
  27. You look so great in all of these shades! I always have such a hard time finding one to match anything on my face. I never knew you could get a custom shade, that red is gorgeous!

    Posted 7.29.15 Reply
  28. I love the IT Cosmetics one. I need to go get some more bold colors for fall.

    Posted 8.28.15 Reply
  29. Cojo Graab wrote:

    MAC Rebel is only for brave ones but it’s so pretty! The Dubonnet state is perfect for summer/spring but I think you can also style during fall:)

    Posted 9.4.15 Reply
  30. Very bold colours 🙂 They all suit you, I honestly couldn’t choose a favourite! I love ILIA lipsticks, they have some beautiful and bold shades. If you haven’t already, check them out 🙂

    Posted 9.26.15 Reply