Monday Must-Have: Sweater Dresses Under $150

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You know what I hate about colder weather? Well, a lot of things to be perfectly honest, but mainly the infestation of germs. Everyone’s coughing, sniffling and in general grossing me out. And guess what? I’ve got the sniffles now too. Ick. 
As I down another cup of tea, I’m dreaming of all things cozy. And what’s cozier than a sweater dress? I really dislike wearing any sort of pants, even in the dead of winter. Sweater dresses and a thick pair of tights are how I roll during the frigid months.
I would write more copy, but my head is spinning. Time to hibernate until my white blood cell count goes down. Happy Monday!

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  1. Kate Mitchell wrote:

    I love sweater dresses, but haven’t worn many in the past few years since I’ve been in Nashville. I see a whole bunch in my future now that I’m back in Boston!

    Posted 11.10.14 Reply
  2. I love all of these, Alicia! Especially Madewell one on the top row. Happy Monday!

    Posted 11.10.14 Reply
  3. Nat wrote:

    I love all of them. I have a feeling that I wouldn’t just buy one! Super great choice girl.

    Kind regards,

    Posted 11.10.14 Reply
  4. ooo, I love #3!

    Posted 11.11.14 Reply