Monday Must-Have: Golden Accents

Happy New Year, everyone! As some of you might know, I’m finally moving at the end of January. I am super excited to start fresh in a new place and have been pinning a lot of design inspiration lately. One thing I love is anything with a gold accent (um, hello, of course the girl with a gold, glitter header for her blog would dig a little bit of metallic interior decor!) I’m hoping to pick up a few of these pieces for the new pad. Or maybe see some of these pieces at a housewarming party….hint, hint 🙂

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  1. Rin M wrote:

    Oh, girl, I love these pieces. Yes, please!

    Posted 1.5.15 Reply
  2. That gold tray would be perfect on my imaginary coffee table! :] Congrats on the move!

    Morgan Paige

    Posted 1.5.15 Reply
  3. Kriselle wrote:

    I love gold accents because they instantly make anything look classier without looking overdone! I think I like that Kate Spade vase the best!

    Posted 1.5.15 Reply
  4. Brynne Logan wrote:

    I love this! Gold is such a perfect color to spice up simple things.

    xoxo Brynne

    Posted 1.5.15 Reply
  5. Are you moving far?? I love all of those gold pieces!

    Posted 1.5.15 Reply
  6. Kate wrote:

    Love all of these! I’ve been eyeing that gold tray at Target for a while now 🙂
    This Side of Paradise

    Posted 1.5.15 Reply
  7. These are so cute! Love the gold ampersand!

    Posted 1.5.15 Reply
  8. InthegreySF wrote:

    I love gold!!! Unfortuantly I cant do sparkley gold( a tad to feminine for my boyfriend) but matte gold is super pretty. And I also love spraypainting things as well!


    Posted 1.6.15 Reply
  9. KayElle White wrote:

    I love all of the gold FABness!!!


    Posted 1.7.15 Reply