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Madewell Perfect Vintage Jean, Blue Ridge Parkway Asheville NC
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Even though I don’t post many photos of me wearing denim, I’m a huge fan of Madewell jeans. My weight has fluctuated during the pandemic, and pretty much the only new pairs of denim I’ve been wearing lately have been from either Madewell or AGOLDE.

The reason why I love Madewell jeans so much? They’re incredible quality for the price point. They’re pretty comparable to the higher-end pieces of denim I own like Mother or Citizens of Humanity, but they’re almost half the price. Plus, they’re some of the most flattering jeans I own, and I look forward to all of the new silhouettes they debut each season.

I also love that they come in a curvy fit, which has been a game-changer for me. These jeans are marketed towards folks with an hourglass body type, but honestly, I have more of a rectangle shape (with curves in my thighs and belly!), and those jeans fit me very well! These jeans also come in Petite, Tall, and Plus, so they’re something for nearly everyone at Madewell.

If you’re looking for new jeans for fall, here are some of my favorite styles from Madewell that should be on your radar!

Madewell Denim Picks for Fall

Veronica Beard India Dickey Coat, Madewell Perfect Vintage Jean
Madewell Denim for Fall featured by top LA BIPOC fashion blogger, Alicia Tenise: Madewell Perfect Vintage Jean

The Madewell Perfect Vintage Jean

I’m not going to tell you that skinny jeans are out of style…but I will say that they do feel a bit dated at the moment. Do what you wish with that info — I’m not here to tell you what not to wear. At the end of the day, wear whatever makes you feel comfortable and confident!

If you’re looking to branch out from skinny jeans, the Madewell Perfect Vintage Jean is a fantastic option. This pair of jeans has a tapered waist and a slim tapered leg and is one of the most flattering styles in my closet. They’re slightly cropped at the ankle, but you can also roll these up when wearing them with ankle booties with ease.

Madewell Denim for Fall featured by top LA BIPOC fashion blogger, Alicia Tenise: Madewell Cali Demi Boot Jean

Madewell Cali Demi-Boot Jeans

Speaking of “branching out from skinny jeans,” — this is one of the first non-skinny jean styles I tried in the past five years. I remember that I bought my first pair of Cali Demi-Boot jeans back in 2017, and I cannot even begin to express how chic I felt in them. They were elevated, easy to dress up or down, and quickly became my go-to for several years.

The Cali Demi-Boot Jeans are cropped and skinny with a small kick-out flare. They look great with sneakers, heels, sandals, ankle booties…you name it! I love that these jeans are pretty timeless — I’ve been wearing them for over five years now, and they still feel like they’re chic and in style.


Madewell Denim for Fall featured by top LA BIPOC fashion blogger, Alicia Tenise: madewell boyjean, madewell pagoda crop top

Madewell Boyjeans

I’m sad that I outgrew this pair of denim and had to donate them as a result, but the Madewell Boyjeans are another great alternative to skinny jeans this fall. They have a relaxed waist and a roomy leg, and they’re the perfect weekend jeans. Easily the most comfortable jeans in my closet. Please remind me to get another pair in my current size the next time I head to Madewell!


Madewell Denim for Fall featured by top LA BIPOC fashion blogger, Alicia Tenise: Madewell Balloon Jeans

The Madewell Balloon Jeans

When I first saw these jeans on Madewell’s social media accounts this past spring, I thought they could never work for my curvy body type. I was a little nervous to try wide-leg jeans, but I’m so glad I gave these a chance!

I got to try on the Madewell Balloon Jeans at the Madewell Denim Edit store in Nashville, and I fell in love. They quickly became my go-to this summer, and I’m still in denial at how trendy yet flattering these are! The Balloon Jeans are fitted in the waist with curved “balloon” slim wide tapered legs. It’s their updated version of classic 80’s denim silhouettes, and it just works really, really well.


Madewell Denim for Fall featured by top LA BIPOC fashion blogger, Alicia Tenise: Madewell Dadjeans

Madewell Dadjeans 

These are most certainly the most trendy pair of jeans that I’m featuring in this article. To my fellow millennials: I know this might scare some of you, but if you feel confident enough to try these jeans out, they’re 100% worth it!

Last fall, when I visited Nashville, I tried the Madewell Dadjean on as a joke after watching TikTok one too many times, and I loved them. I thought I was too curvy to rock a baggy jean, but this cut was really flattering for a 30-something like me.


Pro-tip: I typically size down 1-2 sizes in Madewell jeans. For example, I’m normally a size 10/30 in jeans, and I go for a 28-29 in Madewell.

Have you ever tried Madewell jeans before? Let me know in the comments below!

Photos by Tom McGovern

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