Love in a Box Swap

This month, I participated in the Love in a Box Swap curated by Megan and Kimberly! Bloggers enter the swap and are matched with another blogger. We then create our own little boxes of love and ship them snail mail to the blogger we were matched with. Pretty neat idea, right?
I was matched with another Virginia blogger superstar, Rachel of Makeshift Munch. I was absolutely floored by this package. It’s like Rachel and I were long lost twins or something. I was obsessed with every little piece she placed in the package. 

Some of the goodies I got were…
  • Stationary on Stationary: You know I love my technology, but even with my numerous Outlook calendars and iPhone memos, I still love jotting things down. I died at all of the stationary options she included. From heart shaped notes to a gold metallic journal, I’m sure everyone will receive plenty of love notes from me in the near future.
  • That. Bracelet: I seriously wore it out the next day. It’s incredibly chic and sophisticated and will definitely become a closet staple.
  • Socks: I love these little ankle footies. These are perfect for all the booties I’m planning on wearing to transition my ensembles into spring!
  • Clips + Magnets: I’m an event planner and have to stay organize, and the clips and magnets I received are such an adorable way to keep things tidy. 

Rachel — you’re a doll. Thank you so much for this adorable little package. Make sure to check out this lady’s blog and show her some love!
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