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D.C. Blogger Alicia Tenise styles a pick from Liz Claiborne's 40th Anniversary Collection from JCPenney

Liz Claiborne Long-Sleeve Printed V-Neck Peasant Top, LIPP Beautifully Semi Custom Lipstick

Bag Borrow or Steal Prada Tote, A Gold E Destroyed Jeans

A Gold E Sophie Hi Rise Cannes Distressed Jeans


Top ℅ JCPenney | Jeans | Sandals | Bag | Lipstick

Do you know what I love the most about my post-grad life? As a college senior three years ago, I was terrified that I was going to have to build an entirely new wardrobe. Suits, dress pants, kitten heels, all the things I loathed. Turns out D.C. has way more of a laid back job environment than I anticipated, and I’ve always had the pleasure of working in more laid back environments. A lot of the pieces I wear to work, I also wear on the weekend!

Exhibit A: this casual, vibrant top from Liz Claiborne’s 40th Anniversary Collection at JCPenney. I would rock this with dark denim and a pair of block heels, and a fun jean and stiletto for the weekend. I love collecting pieces that are super versatile, and this entire collection is jam-packed with them. 

To celebrate Liz Claiborne’s 40th Anniversary, JCPenney just launched a “40 Looks of Liz Claiborne” limited edition collection. The whole line is entirely my vibe: it’s a great mix of both professional and casual pieces that are super versatile and can go from desk to drinks with ease. Not to mention, the price point is absolutely incredible: all skirts are under $35, while all tops are under $28. Score!

Want to win an exclusive pouch from Liz Claiborne? Simply comment on this post telling us what you think about Liz Claiborne, and 2 lucky winners will be selected on 9/26/16!

Today’s post was done in collaboration with JCPenney. Thank you for supporting the brands that keep this little blog’s doors open!

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  1. I love this outfit! It looks like something I would wear on the daily!

    Posted 9.21.16 Reply
  2. Gorgeous look, I love the distressed denim with this feminine top! You look so cute 🙂


    Lee Anne

    Posted 9.21.16 Reply
  3. latanya t wrote:

    I love this brand!! It is feminine and chic.

    Posted 9.21.16 Reply
  4. tannawings wrote:

    I adore Liz Claiborne. It is a brand all women can wear, and look not only good but feel good. I like thee fit of their clothes and their accessories are wonderful!

    ellen beck

    Posted 9.21.16 Reply
  5. Abby wrote:

    I love Liz Claiborne. They always have amazing clothing and accessories!

    Posted 9.21.16 Reply
  6. I looooooooove this look and I love your blog! Ah! So pretty and clean and orgnaized! I am a new follower!

    Posted 9.21.16 Reply
  7. Patti LeBlanc wrote:

    I love Liz! Everything is so stylish and reasonably priced!

    Posted 9.21.16 Reply
  8. meghan b wrote:

    Looks great, very stylish 🙂

    Posted 9.21.16 Reply
  9. Starla wrote:

    I really love this! I have always loved the variety that Liz Claiborne offers!

    Posted 9.21.16 Reply
  10. Kimberly wrote:

    I love Liz Claiborne. Very cool products. Never came across a product I didn’t like.
    thanks for the chance to win 🙂

    Posted 9.21.16 Reply
  11. Lily wrote:

    Liz Claiborne is great- super chic!

    Posted 9.21.16 Reply
  12. Stesha wrote:

    I LOVE that top with those jeans!


    Posted 9.21.16 Reply
  13. Kimberly Tam wrote:

    JUST the right colors for fall season! The flowers, the red/orange…talk about being in season! 🙂 It’s all about simplicity and sophistication!

    Posted 9.21.16 Reply
  14. Sarah Lindner wrote:

    Love these colors for fall! I love the combo 🙂

    Sarah Lindner

    Posted 9.21.16 Reply
  15. Elise wrote:

    Love how you matched the shoes and bag. Killer outfit, girl! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

    Posted 9.21.16 Reply
  16. Your outfit is darling and I love Liz Claiborne!!

    Posted 9.21.16 Reply
  17. Ruya Norton wrote:

    Liz Claiborne is such a classic label. Love her!

    Posted 9.22.16 Reply
  18. Darby wrote:

    She has beautiful clothes!

    Posted 9.22.16 Reply
  19. Ruthie Ridley wrote:

    Liz is so classic!! I love this look!!

    Posted 9.22.16 Reply
  20. Nicole Leffew wrote:

    Love this look! I agree with Ruthie so classy and I love your hair too! Xo

    Posted 9.22.16 Reply
  21. Tara wrote:

    I love Liz! My favorite pair of jeans are Liz Claiborne!

    Posted 9.22.16 Reply
  22. Danielle wrote:

    I love Liz Claiborne — I worn a lot of their stuff when I was building my first professional wardrobe. Also, their handbags have *all the pockets* and I love that.

    Posted 9.22.16 Reply
  23. Cynthia Gaarder wrote:

    I love Liz – It’s style and classy not trashy 🙂 Thanks for chance –

    Posted 9.22.16 Reply
  24. Cristin Cooper wrote:
    Posted 9.22.16 Reply
  25. Rita wrote:

    Love the look! Top is beautiful!

    Rita |

    Posted 9.22.16 Reply
  26. usnamom2014 wrote:

    I love Liz Claiborne- classic yet stylish

    Posted 9.22.16 Reply
  27. Amanda K wrote:

    This top is perfect for fall – so pretty!

    Amanda ||

    Posted 9.22.16 Reply
  28. Christy DuBois wrote:

    I love how you styled it, you have such enviable style that I knew I would love it. I have on occasion shopped the JC Penney site and have liked the Liz collection in the past and like it now. The price point is definitely a plus in my book.

    Posted 9.22.16 Reply
  29. Angelle Marix wrote:

    You look beautiful!! Love that floral top!!


    Posted 9.22.16 Reply
  30. Leah Behr wrote:

    That is such a gorgeous top!!

    xx Leah /

    Posted 9.23.16 Reply
  31. Such a cute top! Love the colors.

    Posted 9.23.16 Reply
  32. OurMiniFamily wrote:

    You look radiant!! Love the outfit, girl!

    Posted 9.23.16 Reply
  33. Sher wrote:

    i love it – so pretty!


    Posted 9.23.16 Reply
  34. Bethanie Garcia wrote:

    Love your shoes!!!

    XO, Bethanie //

    Posted 9.23.16 Reply
  35. Adaleta Avdic wrote:

    This top is so bright & colorful, and I’m in love with it. I do adore your cute sandals too, and I wish I could rock those. My feet aren’t the cutest in those dainty sandals, but I always envy those who can rock ’em! Such a beautiful post! xx

    Posted 9.23.16 Reply
  36. Grace Bertou wrote:

    The top is adorable

    Posted 9.23.16 Reply
  37. EdyeNicolesMakeup wrote:

    I think the top is so pretty and classy! Love it 🙂

    Email: mia2009(at)comcast(dot)net

    Posted 9.23.16 Reply
  38. Kasey wrote:

    That top is so cute! What a great print!

    Posted 9.24.16 Reply
  39. Lavenda Memory wrote:

    You look fabulous in the look and I love your lip color!!

    Posted 9.24.16 Reply
  40. This top looks absolutely beautiful on you! And I have always loved JCP!

    xo, Sara

    Posted 9.24.16 Reply
  41. Such great jeans! <3

    Posted 9.24.16 Reply
  42. Anna English wrote:

    Love that printed top on you!

    Posted 9.24.16 Reply
  43. You look fabulous! Red is your color. So fun to have so much flexibility to mix and match. Sure does help on the budget.

    Posted 9.24.16 Reply
  44. Stevie wrote:

    That top is gorgeous! I love how yo can wear it with jeans or a dressy skirt. Love liz clairborne! 🙂

    Posted 9.25.16 Reply
  45. Leslie Richman wrote:

    I’ve always liked the classic style of Liz. One of my first “big girl” handbags was a great maroon LC purse. Thanks for the giveaway!

    Posted 9.25.16 Reply
  46. Jaime wrote:

    You look fabulous per usual and I just love how you styled this top!!

    Posted 9.25.16 Reply
  47. Gwendolyn J wrote:

    I love Liz Claiborne..I have bought many great items over the years

    Posted 9.25.16 Reply
  48. Nicole Kestenbaum wrote:

    OMG I love JCP! I love this outfit on you–that bright blouse is gorge! When I think Liz Claiborne I think timeless and chic but now, after this top on you I also think bright!

    Posted 9.25.16 Reply
  49. Lauren Ashley wrote:

    You look AMAZING in this top! These colors on you are *insert that emoji where pointer finger touches thumb* Love it!

    The Fashionista’s Diary

    Posted 9.25.16 Reply
  50. I was really excited to see what you choose for this collaboration, and I have to say good choice! Great colors on you!!

    Engineering In Style

    Posted 9.26.16 Reply
  51. That top is perfect for work-to-weekend style!!

    How 2 Wear It []

    Posted 9.26.16 Reply
  52. Samantha Michelle wrote:

    I’ve always loved Liz Claiborne for the best fashions. I’ve been wearing the brand since I was in middle school. I’m very excited for the new collection! I always look forward to their clothes 🙂

    Posted 9.26.16 Reply
  53. EAE wrote:

    I’ve always thought of Liz Claiborne as good pieces for transitioning between work and casual. Thanks!

    Posted 9.26.16 Reply
  54. Heather wrote:

    I love that top so much!

    Posted 9.27.16 Reply
  55. Ashley Nicole Carrington wrote:

    This top omg! LOVE the print and the colors! So pretty!

    Posted 9.27.16 Reply
  56. FashionFriesX FashionFriesX wrote:

    I love this and Liz Claiborne so much! Going to check out everything now!

    Posted 9.27.16 Reply