My Go-To Lipsticks






The “Everyday” Shade


The “Going Out” Shade


The “Trend” Shade

I have to admit: lipsticks are kind of the MVP of my beauty cabinet. Seriously, over the past year I just noticed that a great lipstick is the best finishing touch to any ensemble I have. It just makes me look polished and put together, unlike any kind of makeup.

Last year I had a custom lipstick made just for me by Makeup Meltdown, and this year they’ve revamped and introduced a super exciting, semi-custom lipstick line! Think of this as a Netflix or Birchbox of just lipsticks!

LIPP Beautifully’s Fan Program is really simple: each month you’re shipped three different sample shades of lipstick colors that will work for you, based on your hair and skin tone. One is an everyday shade, one is a going out shade, and one is a “trend” shade that’s for the bold fashionistas. You can try all three shades and decide which one(s) you’d like a full tube of, and you get to pick out what type of tube you’d like and what finish you’d prefer (cream, matte or sheer).

I honestly loved all three shades so much, so I decided to snag every shade that was in my LIPP Fan box. I have to say that I’ve been rocking my “trend” shade on the regular — it’s such a fun, vibrant cherry red that’s ideal for the summer! I opted for this shade in a matte, and it stays on all-day. Even when I’m brunching, wining, dining, you name it, this lipstick stays put!

Want to try out the LIPP Fan program for yourself? Enter the code “lippfan” to get your first month for only $2!

Thank you LIPP Beautifully for sending over amazing lipsticks for me to try! All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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