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D.C. blogger Alicia Tenise shares her fitting experience with Le Mystere at Normstrom

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Why did I title this post eighty percent, you ask? It’s because 80% of women are wearing the wrong bra size. And yes, I used to be one of the eighty percent until very recently. 

The folks over at Le Mystere invited me to head to my local Nordstrom to get fitted and boy oh boy, I was in for a total shock! Prior to the appointment, I thought I was wearing the right size, but I did notice that my bras weren’t laying super flat underneath my clothing. There was a teeny, tiny amount of gapping, but I was stuck in this weird limbo: if I went down a cup size, the bra would be way too small, but if I wore the regular size, I’d see a tiny bit of gapping. I just thought I was in-between sizes, right? NOPE. Wrong. I was dead wrong.

At my bra fitting at Le Mystere, I found out that I needed to go down not one, but two band sizes, and go up two cup sizes. Mind. Blown. The original size I was wearing was way off, by a mile. Oops. Might I suggest that you go in and get yourself fitted ASAP if you haven’t in a while; now that I know my correct size, my bras look and feel way, way better, and I haven’t had any issues with gapping lately!

After we determined my bra size, I got to try on a few bras and figure out which styles worked best for me and my body type. I opted for the ‘Ultimate’ Convertible Plunge Bra and the ‘Infinite Possibilities’ Plunge Bra. I guess I had an unintentional theme of plunge bras here, but those are what worked best with my body type!

Have you ever been fitted for a bra before?

Thank you to Le Mystere for partnering with me on today’s post!

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  1. Molly wrote:

    I need to go asap! After pregnancy and nursing, I know I’m probably in the 80%.

    Posted 10.18.16 Reply
  2. Wow that is so interesting. I might need a new fitting too. It’s been a while!

    Posted 10.18.16 Reply
  3. Shelby wrote:

    Now I am thinking I am part of the 80%! I need fitted asap!


    Posted 10.18.16 Reply
  4. Miriam wrote:

    wow that stat is kinda amazing!
    i must go get fitted asap!

    Posted 10.18.16 Reply
  5. SO TRUE!! Most women wear the wrong size. I blame Victoria’s Secret. They basically tell everyone they are a 34C. And they aren’t. And most people think a D cup is huge and it’s really NOT AT ALL. Most women wearing D bras are really like Fs. It’s crazy. Love these beautiful pieces!

    Posted 10.18.16 Reply
    • LOL — funny thing is, I found out I was a 32D in the fitting. And I *never* thought I was busty enough for a D cup, but it’s really not that big at all!

      Posted 10.18.16 Reply
  6. Krista wrote:

    I am in DESPERATE need of a bra fitting! I am so glad you shared this babe – such a good reminder!

    Love all these pics so much!

    Posted 10.18.16 Reply
  7. I probably fall in that 80%, I need to get properly fitted asap! Nordstrom sounds like a great place to go bra shopping and these bras look like such nice quality! xo

    Posted 10.18.16 Reply
  8. Nicholle Brainard wrote:

    I definitely sit in that 80% and need to get fitted. Just have to find the time. Thank you for reminding me, it’s now on my schedule!

    Posted 10.18.16 Reply
  9. amy loochtan wrote:

    Yes, I remember getting fitted for the first time, such a game changer!
    Coffee Beans and Bobby Pins

    Posted 10.18.16 Reply
  10. Elise wrote:

    Beautiful!!! Want all the pieces. I’m always way off about underwear sizing, so i’ve had a few fittings myself. It’s amazing how much you can learn!

    Posted 10.18.16 Reply
  11. Stesha wrote:

    love these shots, a good bra is life changing!


    Posted 10.18.16 Reply
  12. Ashley wrote:

    These photos are so pretty! I really wanted to head to Nordstrom to be fitted! I’ve read so many rave reviews and I’m dying to see what my “actual” size is!

    Posted 10.18.16 Reply
  13. I loved this post because, I too, have recently discovered that I’ve been wearing the wrong bra size! Sometimes the best outfits start with what’s underneath!

    Posted 10.19.16 Reply
  14. I’ve never been professionally fitted for a bra, and I am way overdue!!
    Fizz and Frosting

    Posted 10.19.16 Reply
  15. Sarah Lindner wrote:

    I need to go get fitted for a bra! It has been about 5 years and I am pretty sure I might be wearing the wrong size!
    great post!

    Sarah Lindner

    Posted 10.19.16 Reply
  16. I guarantee I’m wearing the wrong bra size. I get sized and someone will tell me I’m a 34A, then someone says I’m a 32C?!?!?! This is such a great service. They sounds trustworthy and know what they are doing. I need to hop over to Nordie’s to try!

    Mindy II AMixofMin.com

    Posted 10.19.16 Reply
  17. Crystal Marie wrote:

    Loved this post. Found a couple items to add to my shopping list 🙂

    Posted 10.19.16 Reply
  18. Mandy wrote:

    I feel like I’m part of that 80%! Great post!

    xoxo Mandy

    Posted 10.19.16 Reply
  19. Tram-Anh Tran Poprik wrote:

    What a wake up call. I am in major need of a good bra fitting. You have inspired to go get it done!!! Thanks so much!

    Posted 10.19.16 Reply
  20. Ashley Zeal wrote:

    I need to get re-fitted! Thanks for the reminder! XooX

    Posted 10.19.16 Reply
  21. So glad you shared this! I desperately need a bra fitting! And btw these bras are so pretty!

    xo Lacey

    Posted 10.19.16 Reply
  22. I used to be a bra fitter and it’s absolutely amazing how many people are in the wrong size bra and how many people didn’t believe you when you told them what they really were. Not until you see the right size bra on and you feel how good it is do you believe it. x

    Posted 10.20.16 Reply
  23. Maggie wrote:

    This is me!! I have such trouble with bras and I am going to need these immediately! They look so comfy and are pretty!


    Posted 10.20.16 Reply
  24. lexi wrote:

    I got fitted at Nordstrom about a year ago and it made SUCH a difference. These bras are beautiful!
    xx Lexi, Glitter, Inc.

    Posted 10.20.16 Reply
  25. Cristin Cooper wrote:

    Ooh la la!! I need to go do this after babies!

    cristin | http://www.thesouthernstyleguide.com

    Posted 10.21.16 Reply
  26. Those bras are gorgeous! I should really make an appointment to go and get a fitting. Thanks for the reminder. 🙂
    xoxo, erin | sandsunandmessybuns.com

    Posted 10.22.16 Reply
  27. Anna English wrote:

    Such cute bras, I’ll have to check out Nordy’s collection!

    Posted 10.23.16 Reply
  28. Oohhh such pretty bras! Will definitely have to check out the collection at Nordstrom.

    Posted 10.23.16 Reply
  29. These are stunning!! And I’m almost positive I’m wearing the wrong size at the moment too. Isn’t it funny that that always seems to happen!?

    Alice at Lone Star Looking Glass

    Posted 10.24.16 Reply
  30. livingincolorstyle@gmail.com wrote:

    This reminds me that I need to go get fitted again! Gorg pieces!

    Posted 10.27.16 Reply
  31. Nicole Kestenbaum wrote:

    I need to get bra fitted asap! There’s always a gap! oops! Thanks for sharing this tidbit!

    Posted 10.31.16 Reply