Landing your Dream Internship: Part Two

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It’s back! Here is Part Two of the “How To Land Your Dream Internship” series. So, you landed an internship interview, huh? Congratulations! Now, here’s what you need to do in order to knock your interviewer’s socks off. 


Cover letter: Cover
letters are pretty tedious to write, but it is likely that you will need one to
apply for an internship. Do not use the same exact cover letter for every
position you apply for; customize your cover letter to the position you’re
applying for. In addition to highlighting your strengths, your cover letter
should briefly explain why you want to work at that particular company. Look at
the intern job description and discuss any additional qualifications you have
for the job that might not be covered in your resume.
Follow-up: Do not
be afraid to follow-up! I emailed my cover letter and resume to one internship
and after two weeks I didn’t hear anything back. I sent them a brief follow-up
letter asking if they had received my materials – turns out they didn’t and
after resubmitting my cover letter and resume, I was interviewed and hired for
the position. Just because you don’t hear a response back doesn’t mean they
disliked your application. Your resume may have just gotten lost in the
process. I highly recommend emailing when you follow up rather than phone


Study, study, study: Study the company before you go into
your interview. Know some of the basic facts of the company. Get familiar with
the organization’s competitors. Show that you know your stuff. You are likely
going to be asked in the interview “why do you want to work at this
organization?” Do not answer this with a generic answer like “I need an
internship” or “this industry is the industry I want to be in.” Tell the
interviewer why that particular organization is desirable.
Practice basic interview questions: I love this Forbes list
of interview questions. Practice some of these ahead of time. There will likely
be a curve ball question that you won’t be able to prepare for, but figure out
the answers to these common interview questions.
The interview ensemble: It’s best to err on the side of
caution when picking out an interview outfit. In my opinion, it’s always safe
to go with a black, knee-length dress, a jacket and flats or low heels. If you’re
interviewing for a more creative company, feel free to rock some bold colors.
Stay tuned for another “interview ensemble” feature on my blog.
Head to the printer: Bring extra copies of your resume,
writing samples or any other portfolio pieces to your interview. Your
interviewer might not need them, but it’s always good to have these just in

Prepare questions on your end: Always, always ask your
interviewer questions after the interview. Prepare a few questions about the
company and organizational culture ahead of time. Your interviewer might answer
these questions in the interview, but always have about 5-10 questions on hand
that you can ask. You might also think of a few questions during the interview
as well. Make sure to bring a pen and a notepad and jot these questions down
that pop into your head.
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