Twenty Six + 30 Before 30

VINCENT CROCHET MINI DRESS KARINA GRIMALDI, lbd, little black dress, dc blogger

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VINCENT CROCHET MINI DRESS KARINA GRIMALDI, lbd, little black dress, dc blogger

VINCENT CROCHET MINI DRESS KARINA GRIMALDI, lbd, little black dress, dc blogger

VINCENT CROCHET MINI DRESS KARINA GRIMALDI, lbd, little black dress, dc blogger

VINCENT CROCHET MINI DRESS KARINA GRIMALDI, lbd, little black dress, dc blogger, birthday blog shoot

VINCENT CROCHET MINI DRESS KARINA GRIMALDI, lbd, little black dress, dc blogger

Dress: Karina Grimaldi via Refine Boutique | Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell (Similar) | Necklace: ℅ Taudrey | Lip: ℅ LANCÔME (LE VERMILLON) | Bracelet: Vintage | Nails: Essie ‘She’s Pampered’

So, today’s the fifth anniversary of my 21st birthday! I know, it’s hard to hang on to being a 21-year-old for so long, but I’m hanging in there 😉

Corny jokes aside, woohoo! I’m 26! I learned a lot in my 25th year of life. 25 was the year I finally felt comfortable being a grown-up, and a year where I was able to handle my business, accomplish my goals, and really I guess ~believe in myself~. Ok, this is getting real corny real fast. Is it too late now to say sorry?

Turning 26 also means 30 is gonna creep up on me sooner than I know it. I saw a bunch of blogs have a “25 before 25” type deal, but unfortunately I’m too old for that now. Whoops. So now, I present to you, 30 before 30. AKA, 30 things I wanna get done before I turn the big 3-0. I’ve got 4 years. Hold me accountable, y’all!

30 Before 30
  1. Learn how to swim (…this is SO embarrassing but nope, I really can’t swim)
  2. Perform on stage one more time while I’m still in decent dancing shape
  3. Go on a road trip with my girlfriends
  4. Learn how to cook 15 signature dishes
  5. Go to Paris
  6. Buy my first pair of designer shoes
  7. Host a TV segment
  8. Become a morning person
  9. Stick to a workout routine
  10. Travel to Africa (props 2 the motherland!)
  11. Run a 5K
  12. Volunteer 100 hours
  13. Start a YouTube channel
  14. Eat pizza…in Italy
  15. Buy a house/condo
  16. Read 52 books in 52 weeks
  17. Learn how to ice skate (nope, I really can’t do this either)
  18. Move to a new city
  19. Buy a stranger their coffee
  20. Adopt a dog
  21. Learn how to ballroom dance
  22. Sell my car, live life only using public transit
  23. Raise $1000+ for charity
  24. Go to a music festival in another country
  25. See the Northern Lights
  26. Learn how to ski or snowboard
  27. Host a dinner party
  28. Send someone a surprise in the mail
  29. Plan an epic 30th birthday party.

Will blogging still be a thing on March 3, 2020? I’m not sure. But that’s when I hope to accomplish all of these goals! I’ll keep updating this post as I cross off items on this list. 

Photos by Lauren Joseph

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  1. Erica wrote:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, beautiful! Cheers to this year being your best. one. yet.
    Love the balloons, love your outfit, you’re gorgeous, cheers to you, that is all. 🙂

    Coming Up Roses

    Posted 3.3.16 Reply
  2. Abigail wrote:

    Happy Birthday! I love that outfit and that’s an ambitious list. I have 11 years until I’m 30, this is inspiring I may make my own list. Thanks for sharing and good luck on your endeavors!

    Posted 3.3.16 Reply
  3. Jenny wrote:

    26 never looked so good!
    You look flawless, lady.
    And good luck with accomplishing all of your goals 🙂
    xoxo, Jenny

    Posted 3.3.16 Reply
  4. Happy Birthday! Keep on celebrating your 21st! It’s something that we all should be doing!

    oxo, Lesh

    Posted 3.3.16 Reply
  5. Dana Mannarino wrote:

    Happy Birthday, beautiful! Love love love your list – no doubt in my mind that you’ll accomplish those things!

    Pink Champagne Problems

    Posted 3.3.16 Reply
  6. linda spiker wrote:

    That dress is darling and it looks amazing on you!

    Posted 3.3.16 Reply
  7. Angelle Marix wrote:

    Happy Birthday, beautiful!! I love the dress and love your list {Paris and pizza in Italy are a must}!! I would like to accomplish some of those before I’m 40 ??


    Posted 3.3.16 Reply
  8. Happy Birthday lady! Drink on me in Charleston for TBScon, better late than never, right?

    And if you need a partner in crime for that overseas music festival, I’m your guy.

    Posted 3.3.16 Reply
  9. Maple Alps wrote:

    Happy Birthday! What cute photos! Love the balloons 🙂 I also want to see the Northern Lights before I turn 30…;)

    Posted 3.3.16 Reply
  10. Love this list! Beyonce in concert would be so amazing 🙂 . Love that dress btw, the cutout on the stomach is adorable. For sure eat pizza in Italy, it is SOOOO delicious!!! The best pizza we have had there is in southern Italy. Rome was ok… but the south know’s how to do a pizza! Great post Happy Bday
    Danielle Greco |

    Posted 3.3.16 Reply
  11. This is sweet – I’ll be 30 in June and you have a great list.

    Posted 3.3.16 Reply
  12. What an amazing dress! Happy birthday, Alicia! You are such an inspiration, and I can’t wait to see what you will do this year! 🙂

    Posted 3.3.16 Reply
  13. Jordyn wrote:

    Happy Birthday gorgeous girl! I love all your goals to accomplish before thirty, you have a lot of travel involved which I love! Good luck accomplishing your thirty before thirty list <3

    Posted 3.3.16 Reply
  14. Joules wrote:

    Happy Birthday! You look amazing–that dress is stunning on you!

    Lifestyle by Joules

    Posted 3.3.16 Reply
  15. You are gorgeous! Loooooving that dress!

    Posted 3.3.16 Reply
  16. I’ve always wanted to see the Northern Lights as well! Happy Birthday! You look adorable in your LBD!

    Posted 3.3.16 Reply
  17. Happy Birthday! This is an awesome 30 before 30, I have a lot of the same ones on mine too (but only 2 more years left, eek). And I am LOVIN that LBD.

    Erin, Attention To Darling

    Posted 3.3.16 Reply
  18. gorgeous dress! happy birthday!
    xx, lauren

    Posted 3.3.16 Reply
  19. Noemi Daradics wrote:

    Happy Birthday and make sure you stick to your list, looks so much fun! 🙂

    Posted 3.3.16 Reply
  20. Ashley wrote:

    Happy birthday!! This is a fabulous list! Yes, Beyonce is totally worthy of the list!

    xo Ashley

    Posted 3.4.16 Reply
  21. Iris wrote:

    Happy birthday!

    I don’t know how to swim either.

    Posted 3.4.16 Reply
  22. I love this dress!!! You look fantastic!!

    Posted 3.4.16 Reply
  23. Happy birthday Alicia! This is such a great list; I would love to post one on my own blog. I don’t know how to swim either and I’m so nervous about learning. Moving to a new city would be amazing too!


    Posted 3.4.16 Reply
  24. Alison wrote:

    Happy birthday! Awesome list, I hope you tick them all off over the next 4 years. I just turned 31 (eek!) and would love to see the Northern Lights or go to Paris too.

    Posted 3.4.16 Reply
  25. Happy birthday doll! I hope you have a great one! Yes, 30 will creep up faster than you expect. I remember being 26…Now i’m like “Oh crap! I’m turning 30 in 5 months” (FREAKING OUT). I need a list like this though. You have some fun things to accomplish and enjoy. Seeing the Northern Lights is definitely on my list. 🙂

    Posted 3.4.16 Reply
  26. Happy birthday! Cheers to your best year yet!

    Posted 3.5.16 Reply
  27. Happy birthday, gorgeous! You look stunning in that black dress. Although I have plenty of time before I hit 30 but would love to accomplish those 30 things you have listed here.
    P.S.- I do not know how to swim 😉

    Posted 3.6.16 Reply
  28. LOVE LOVE LOVE this post and the goals you’ve set for yourself! Hope you had a great birthday!!!


    Posted 3.6.16 Reply
  29. Emily wrote:

    Happy Birthday!! Your dress is absolutely adorable and I love this idea of creating a list of items to accomplish by a certain date!!!

    xx, Emily from Something Gold, Something Blue

    Posted 3.7.16 Reply
  30. Erica Nicole wrote:

    I’m a little late to the game on reading this but I’m OBVIOUSLY binge-blogging haha.
    1. LOVE your outfit!
    2. Have you done anything on your list yet??
    (I know Bey was in DC recently? Or at least I think?) I hope you got to see her. Apparently she was INCREDIBLE! Speaking of, please tell me you’ve seen Lemonade?

    – Erica Nicole |

    Posted 5.22.16 Reply