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J.Crew Crossover Pencil Skirt, loft banded sandals, Alicia Tenise, DC Fashion Blogger


J.Crew Crossover Pencil Skirt, j.mclaughlin texture clutch, madewell t-shirt, taudrey social media necklace, dc blogger, style blogger, gorjana taner necklace

J.Crew Crossover Pencil Skirt



Skirt: J.Crew // Top: Madewell (similar)
Sandals: LOFT // Bag: ℅ J.McLauhglin

I don’t talk about my actual life on the blog that much, so if anyone here actually reads this whole thing without simply staring at this mesmerizing skirt, I’d be shocked. Don’t worry, I won’t be mad at you if you can’t get through this entire post. This is definitely way more lengthy than my normal posts are, but here goes nothing.

I’m going to be completely candid here. I fell out of love with blogging for a bit over the past few weeks. Blogging is like an old, nagging boyfriend: it’s been in my life for a few years now, we have our ups and downs, and sometimes I want to break up with it. I feel like I’ve been coasting for a few weeks now, and my creative juices haven’t really been flowing. I’ve just been going through the motions and creating content I wasn’t that passionate about. After I got the flu two weeks ago, blogging pretty much came to a halt for me. Even though the flu hit at the absolute worst time possible, I think my body was telling me that I needed to take a step back, take care of myself a little better and really evaluate what was important in life.

It took a trip to the city that launched my fashion career to reignite that spark I once had for blogging. I went to New York City for the Governors Ball Music Festival over the past weekend, and I didn’t think about social media that much at all to be honest. Well, other than Snapchat that is. I have insanely limited data due to my phone plan, I was in a field with 45,000+ other people each day, and my signal was pretty much nonexistent. Checking any form of social media was almost impossible. Not to mention I was with great company and my friends entertained me way more than any other Instagram post could. I didn’t read a single blog post from anyone that weekend, nor did I curate any content on my end. I was free from the blogging world and honestly, it felt amazing.

A day after the festival wrapped up and I was getting ready to return to reality, I got a group text from my blogger friends at 7am about a rocky campaign. At first I was pretty irritated that my beauty sleep was interrupted, but then I realized that this blog has introduced me to some of my best friends, has given me so many awesome opportunities, and really is something that I don’t see myself giving up anytime soon. I was excited to return from this faux festival land, get back into the daily grind in D.C. and, well, continue to make my blogger dreams come true. Shortly after I got that group text, I got out of bed and begged Lisa to head up to the rooftop of our AirBnB to snap these photos of me before we returned on our bus home.

Blogging, I’m sorry I ever doubted you. But just so you know, I’m in it for the long haul.

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  1. The skirt is beautiful, I cant stop myself from staring at it 😉 now that you wont get mad.

    Posted 6.10.15 Reply
  2. First of all, LOVE the skirt!! So glad you got it! Secondly, I feel you 100% on the blogging rut. I’ve been in one myself the past few weeks. I feel like it’s always the beginning of summer, because there are so many other things you’d rather be doing!! Thirdly, so glad our group text inspired you to keep going!! Love reading your blog on the reg and so glad it brought us together as friends!! XoXo

    Primp and Proper

    Posted 6.10.15 Reply
  3. StylePoise wrote:
    Posted 6.10.15 Reply
  4. Style Me Thrifty wrote:

    I read the full post, Alicia!! And gosh, I can’t tell you how many posts I’ve ready lately (and wrote one myself!) from burnt out bloggers questioning why they’re still blogging. I feel like a change in the blogging world MUST be coming — there are just so many of us now, so much competition, and not enough time in the day! For me, once I cut myself some slack, I’ve been able to write more meaningful posts. So my advice is stop being so hard on yourself and blog when you feel it! ~Madeline

    Posted 6.10.15 Reply
  5. Erica wrote:

    Love the skirt, love your real world accounts, and love that you’re not giving up anytime soon. You go glen coco.


    Posted 6.10.15 Reply
  6. What a gorgeous skirt!

    Liz @ ShoppingMyCloset.com

    Posted 6.10.15 Reply
  7. Dora wrote:

    I’m so glad you’re not going to give up blogging! I often have the exact same thoughts about my blog, but I realized it’s something I can’t give up easily. It has become part of me. The pictures are absolutely gorgeou!



    Posted 6.10.15 Reply
  8. We’be all been there! I’m just glad to know I’m not alone in these feelings, sometimes.

    Posted 6.10.15 Reply
  9. I think all bloggers have had this feeling! I know I’ve definitely been there. But just like you, when I think of the relationships and connections I’ve made through blogging, I just love it too much to give up!

    Posted 6.12.15 Reply
  10. Jia Han Tong wrote:

    Darling, believe me when I say you’re one of my favourite beauty bloggers around. You have wonderful taste, and i love how you’re never afraid to experiment with prints and bright colours. When you blog, you’re doing it for all of us that love you as well. All the best! x


    Posted 6.15.15 Reply
  11. Debbie Hodges Walyus wrote:

    Yes. Beautiful skirt! And glad that you are still blogging! 🙂

    Posted 6.19.15 Reply
  12. Courtney wrote:

    This skirt is amazing, what a unqiue find!! 🙂

    XO Courtney

    Posted 6.22.15 Reply