How to Get Out of a Blogging Rut

how to get out of a blogging rut, blog inspiration
I’ve been blogging for a few years, yet I still fall into blogger ruts here and there. It’s super easy to fall in a rut, between having a full-time job, a social life, and manage sponsored campaigns. Sometimes you just fall into a pattern of producing content that’s just, blah. 

Case in point, I fell into a rut earlier this month. I was posting less, spent minimal time on the weekends to prep my blog, and in general just blogging because I felt like I had to. It’s completely normal to fall into these patterns, so don’t beat yourself up about it. At the end of the day, I know that I’m still passionate about blogging, so here are a few things I do to get myself out of a rut.

  1. Remind yourself of the campaigns you killed it in.

    I don’t know about you, but I am my own harshest critic. I’m a perfectionist, and 99% I’m not completely content with the things I do. Instead of being too hard on yourself, remind yourself of your posts that went viral and/or garnered buzz in your community. Remember why those posts worked: was it well written? Did you accurately depict a story? Was the photography on point? Did you encourage people to share your post? Figure out why those particular posts worked, and incorporate those elements in your upcoming posts and campaigns.

  2. Work with a new photographer.

    Working with a blog photographer has definitely been something that has elevated my blog, hands down. Whenever my budget permits, I shoot with a photographer rather than a friend/other blogger. I’ve been lucky enough to collaborate with numerous different photographers as well. I have to admit, it’s super easy for me to keep working with the same photographers or keep picking out the same locations. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it right? Wrong.

    There’s nothing wrong with collaborating with one photog on the regular, but switch things up. Working with a new photographer can give you a fresh new perspective on things. Even though I have shots that I like and prefer, a new photographer can help me see things differently and curate fresh new visuals for blog posts. 

  3. Hang out or network with new blog friends.

    I have to admit, one of my least favorite things about blogging in D.C. is how clique-y it gets. There were dozens upon dozens of bloggers in the city, yet I found myself going to happy hours and events with maybe the same ~8 people week after week. Nothing wrong with having a girl gang, but you need to switch it up to gain fresh new inspiration. If you’re at an event, make it a point to meet new people, or mingle with those bloggers you don’t get to see on a regular basis. Reach out to a blogger you’ve met in the past who has a different aesthetic and meet up for coffee. Expand your blogger horizons, and avoid getting comfortable only seeing one group of bloggers. 

  4. Stop rushing to create content.

    This is my biggest challenge as a blogger and something I know I need to fix. Between having a full-time job and a very full social life, I admit I often rush things. Instead of working with a photographer for a product post, I’ll shoot a flat lay in 5 minutes. Instead of looking for new shoot location, I’ll shoot at the same apartment building I’ve shot at 20 times before. Slow down and take the time to produce quality content. If you have to post less, post less. I was at a point where I was posting 5 times a week, and I know that isn’t feasible for me anymore with my crazy schedule. I was posting mediocre content 5 times in one week. Why not slow it down and produce high-quality content three times a week?

  5. Collaborate with someone who isn’t exactly in your niche.

    This is one step above grabbing coffee with a blogger you don’t regularly hang out with: collaborate with someone who focuses on something completely different. For example, I’m primarily a fashion blogger, however, I could collaborate with a food blogger on a party shoot or collaborate with a fitness blogger to chat about both activewear and simple workouts for girls on the go. The possibilities are really endless with these sorts of collaborations, and it forces you to step outside of your comfort zone and create original content.

Most importantly, don’t beat yourself up too much when you get into a rut. It’s normal! Use one of these 5 steps to get yourself back on track and inspired.

What inspires you when you fall into a blogging rut?

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  1. MsChanda wrote:

    These are great key points, especially stepping out of your comfort zone with bloggers in different niches! Thanks for sharing these!

    xx, Chanda

    Posted 3.30.16 Reply
  2. These are great tips! I find that talking to other bloggers and learning new things to help improve my blog also help! And participating in Twitter chats and webinars!

    Rachel |

    Posted 3.30.16 Reply
  3. Maggie wrote:

    Great tips!! With blogging literally all year, I can see getting burnt out sometimes.

    Posted 3.30.16 Reply
  4. Michelle Mink wrote:

    i will keep these tips in mind as i know a blogging rut will hit me one day

    Posted 3.30.16 Reply
  5. Great tips..and speaks to right where I am. I actually just took a 2 wk break..forced too because of a sore arm from blogging..and yeah just the blahs! Thank you for sharing this great insight!
    Fashion and Travel

    Posted 3.30.16 Reply
  6. Joanna wrote:

    I love this! I need and want to attend more blogging/networking events. 🙂

    Posted 3.30.16 Reply
  7. Molly Ashworth wrote:

    Great tips! It’s hard to stop the cycle, but sometimes you have to mix it up or it’s going to be even harder to get out of the rut.

    Posted 3.30.16 Reply
  8. Joules wrote:

    I’m so guilty of number 4. I often have to remind myself to just slow down and make less quality content rather than more quick content.

    Lifestyle by Joules

    Posted 3.30.16 Reply
  9. wrote:

    This is a really helpful post! Great tips!

    Posted 3.30.16 Reply
  10. Fantastic post here! I agree on not rushing the process. It can be discouraging in times of ruts, but it’s all part of the process of becoming.

    Posted 3.30.16 Reply
  11. Great tips! I really want to meet/hang with more bloggers IRL! Totally agree about not rushing to develop new content!

    Posted 3.30.16 Reply
  12. These are great tips! Next month will be my first shoot with a photographer for blog pics… haha not that my husband isn’t doing a great job, but I’m excited about the pics I’ll get from it! Awesome post, thanks for sharing!
    Danielle |

    Posted 3.30.16 Reply
  13. Ashley wrote:

    Great tips! I would love to work with a new photographer…I live in such a small town that it’s been difficult finding them! My sister is amazing, but tends to have so much work of her own that my husband ends up taking most of my pictures!

    xo Ashley

    Posted 3.30.16 Reply
  14. Sara_va wrote:

    I wish I could hire a photographer or even buy higher quality photos. One day this will be possible. I believe in your niche it is far more important.

    When I get into a blogging rut I like to read other blogs. I’m mainly a business blogger so much of what I write is “how to” and tips posts. I like reading blogs that tell a story. I used to be good at telling stories but edu-blogging has become such a habit that I struggle with it.

    I too limit my blogging and promote more now than when I first started blogging back in 2007. It really is about Quality so spend more time getting people to those posts that went viral and spiff up older posts.

    Posted 3.31.16 Reply
  15. ellen ross wrote:

    Yas with these tips!!! I was in a blogging rut the first couple months of this year but i finally broke it! Got my mojo back!
    XO Ellen from Ask Away

    Posted 3.31.16 Reply
  16. I need to get into a co-working space. I’m so sick of sitting at home! And sitting at coffee shops just doesn’t do it for me. I like my big screen and interacting with people.

    xo Jessica

    My Style Vita

    Posted 3.31.16 Reply
  17. Girl – I’m right there with you! Blogging ruts are easy to fall into, especially when you’re a one person show. Thanks for these tips!

    Posted 3.31.16 Reply
  18. Miranda wrote:

    These are GREAT TIPS!! Most recently I have connected some some bloggers who aren’t really in my “circle” and It’s been really refreshing for me. I’ve been in a HUGE blogging rut and it’s been hard to come out of it. Thankful for posts like these 🙂

    Posted 3.31.16 Reply
  19. Cassandra wrote:

    Fabulous ideas! I’ll definitely be keeping them in mind for future reference.

    Posted 3.31.16 Reply
  20. Love love looooove these tips. We’re doing a blogger meet up in Richmond tomorrow and those always make me feel so recharged!

    Posted 4.1.16 Reply
  21. I am in such a rut these days. This post came at the perfect time. I have got to get out of it.

    Posted 4.7.16 Reply
  22. great advice girl

    Posted 4.7.16 Reply
  23. This is great advice… especially the slow down part. It is really important to remember why we started blogging and keep that as motivation rather than posting in a hurry to please others.

    xo, Stephanie

    Posted 6.16.16 Reply
  24. These are great tips!

    Posted 7.18.17 Reply