House Moving Tips: How to Stay Sane While Moving

House Moving Tips: How to Stay Sane While Moving featured by popular DC lifestyle blogger Alicia Tenise

As I write this, I’m sitting on the floor of my brand new apartment. Do I have any furniture in my new place yet? No. Do I have Internet installed yet? Absolutely not (thank goodness for hotspots!) Am I completely content right now? Absolutely.

I wouldn’t call myself a moving expert. However, I have made three long-ish distance moves in the last five years, so I have picked up a few house moving tips. I’ve had super easy moves, and I’ve had unfortunate experiences, but let’s be honest — who has a move that goes perfectly? Here’s how to keep your cool during a chaotic move.

House Moving Tips:

Go With The Flow

I’m not gonna lie: I’m not a laid back person. I’m a Type A go-getter, and since I’m self-employed, I always have to plan accordingly. However, I’ve learned that there’s only so much I can do when something goes wrong during the move.

It’s easy to get upset when your movers show up late or if you run out of room in your Uhaul, but instead of throwing a temper tantrum, you just need to roll with it. When we moved in yesterday, our apartment told us to come at 12 in our pre-move in email, when their office didn’t open until 1 pm. We were a little frustrated that we were set back an hour, but decided to chill out, enjoy coffee from our clubroom and catch up on some episodes of our favorite Food Network shows. Take a deep breath, fam — it will all be okay in the end!

Everything is Replaceable

Let’s be honest: I haven’t had a move where something didn’t end up breaking/getting scratched/getting lost. Sometimes, I’ve even had to toss some things that I loved since I just didn’t have room for them. For example, my DIY IKEA Bookcase that I carefully crafted? Welp, I ordered a Uhaul that was too small this past move, and I had to purge some items. Since it was the least expensive furniture item that I had, I had to gift it to one of my (thrilled) neighbors. 

Don’t get too worked up about something so material — if anything gets banged up during the moving process, it’s not worth stressing over! 

Treat It as a Time To Regoranize Your Space (and Yourself!)

I think it’s safe to say that most people detest the packing process. I’m no exception to the rule! I can’t tell you how much I procrastinated this last move and saved the bulk of packing for the very last minute.

Every time I move, I use that as an opportunity to purge. Oh hey, that dress that fell on your closet floor and that you haven’t worn in the last two years? Donate it. That eyeshadow palette that’s been collecting dust? Give it to a friend. This past move, I was able to donate about four bags worth of clothing and unused beauty products to my local women’s shelter, and it felt fantastic. The more you purge, the easier it will be to reorganize your new space. 

Take it Slow

The best way to move IMO is to take it slow. It’s a little harder to do this with a long-distance move, but if you’re able to have a lease overlap and load in your new apartment over time, it will be a lot easier than trying to do it all in one swoop.

Alternatively, we had to get a storage unit for a month because we didn’t have an overlap in our lease. Instead of emptying out all in one day, we plan to keep it for the rest of the week, so we have time to unload, organized, and still get some work done this week. 

Have a “Plan B” Savings Fund

Oh man. The last of my house moving tips for you is always save more money than you think you’ll need, fam. I hired movers for my D.C. to Philly move last year, and I got nickeled and dimed — and paid an extra $500 than I was quoted. I took a major hit, but in hindsight, I did wish I saved up more for the move. Since moves are unpredictable, it’s essential to save way more than you think you’ll need!

What are your house moving tips/tricks?

Photo by Tom McGovern

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