10 Things You Can Do to Help Hurricane Harvey Victims

I had another post planned to go live today, but with everything that’s been going on, it feels kind of silly to talk about material things at the moment. I’ll be back to the regularly scheduled fashion and travel posts tomorrow, but I hope that you’ll consider donating to one of these organizations that are providing relief to Hurricane Harvey victims.

The Red Cross

While I do have some issues with the Red Cross (not all of their proceeds go directly to relief), this is probably the easiest and most popular way to donate. You can text REDCROSS to 90999 from your phone to donate $10, or donate more on their website. They have 17+ shelters in the area where they can support thousands of victims, and they’ve mobilized trailers full of relief supplies including cots, blankets, comfort and cleaning supplies.

Texas Diapers Bank

Thousands of families have been displaced by Harvey, however, diapers are not provided by disaster relief agencies. The Texas Diapers Bank is putting together special emergency relief kits for those victims in need. They are accepting both cash and diaper donations. 

SPCA of Texas

Unfortunately, animals are always displaced after natural disasters. The SPCA of Texas has announced that they expect 300 cats and dogs to come to North Texas. In addition to cash donations, if you’re local, they are in need of cat litter, litter boxes, towels, blankets, treats, toys, and newspaper. 

Save the Children

Many children and families have been forced to evacuate their homes during Harvey, and are in need of shelter and supplies. Save the Children has created a Harvey-specific relief fund to aid those little ones in need.


If you have an Airbnb in Texas, you can offer your space for free to Harvey victims. In addition, Airbnb is waiving all service fees for those affected by the disaster and checking in between August 23, 2017 and September 25, 2017.


GoFundMe has set up a specific fund that will go directly to victims of the disaster with verified accounts. This is a great way to donate if you’re unsure of what exact supplies a family needs. 

Driscoll Children’s Hospital in Corpus Christi

There is a huge influx of children coming into Driscoll Children’s Hospital needing treatment. A donation ensures that Driscoll Children’s Hospital will continue providing the highest level of care with state-of-the-art equipment and programs for the children of South Texas.

Humane Society of North Texas

In addition to the SPCA of Texas, the Humane Society of North Texas will also be taking in animals that were displaced by Harvey. You also have the option to provide monetary donations or make an in-kind donation by purchasing an item off of their wish list.

Carter BloodCare

If you’re based in Texas and physically able, I’d highly suggest making a blood donation at Carter BloodCare. They have centers all across the state and are sending blood donations to their partners affected by Harvey.

Support Your Local Task Forces Sending Rescue Teams to Texas

If you’re like me and don’t live anywhere near Texas, chances are that your local/state government are sending out rescue teams to Texas. (P.S. — thank you to Pennsylvania and New Jersey!) If there’s any way to support your local resume teams headed to Texas, I’d highly suggest for you to do your homework and support them as much as possible.

If you know of any other ways to assist Harvey victims during this time, please drop a comment below!

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  1. Dana Mannarino wrote:

    This is amazing, Alicia! Thanks for sharing. I’m trying to go through and sort through what/where I want to donate. Just sent a donation to GoFundMe and have to start going through things I can donate to Anna from our rS group!

    Pink Champagne Problems

    Posted 8.29.17 Reply
  2. Sarah Jean wrote:

    I love how you took the time to create a post where we can help victims in Texas!!

    Posted 8.29.17 Reply
  3. autum wrote:

    Thank you for sharing this post!! I hope in a few months when the holidays are arriving, people still take the time to donate. Sometimes we forget about how tragic these things are and that it will take many families a while as they have to completely start over 🙁

    Posted 8.29.17 Reply
  4. Rachel Ritlop wrote:

    I couldn’t agree more that it’s important to help those in need! I love that the humane society is included in your list!

    Posted 8.29.17 Reply
  5. Ellen wrote:

    Thanks, Alicia! I chose to donate to the Red Cross. No matter where you choose, a little can go along way!

    Ellen | A Pop of Pink

    Posted 8.29.17 Reply
  6. The Angelinos wrote:

    This is such a resourceful post, Alicia! I as well as so many others really appreciate the time and the effort you put into it. Thanks so much for sharing.

    Posted 8.29.17 Reply
  7. Jenny wrote:

    My best friend’s dad works as a pediatric surgeon at the Driscoll! I donated to the Red Cross yesterday and will also be donating some beauty items as well as clothes. My parents were affected by the flooding so they’ll be living with us for a few days as well.

    Posted 8.29.17 Reply
  8. Christine Martinez wrote:

    I love this post! I donated to the Red Cross. Seriously so sad that this is happening.

    Posted 8.30.17 Reply
  9. MK wrote:

    Excellent roundup of worthy causes! Thanks for putting this together.

    Posted 8.30.17 Reply
  10. Jhumki Nag wrote:

    These are so noble causes. Great to see you feel so much for the victims.

    Posted 8.30.17 Reply