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Health Warrior Chia Bars

Let’s chat about health, shall we?

I’m going to be completely candid here: moving twice in the last 5 months has derailed my regular fitness routine. I loved it when I lived in Arlington last year and was only a 4-minute walk from my nearest gym, but my temporary move back to the ‘burbs has thrown me completely off track.
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I was debating whether I wanted to take my car up to Philly when I moved, but a few days before my move-in date, someone backed into my car, and it was declared a total loss. It was a sign. I was going to have live car-free and be on my feet more often. This move to Philly, plus my super fit group of friends and the fact that my new apartment is a 10-minute walk from one of the hottest gyms in Philadelphia, are all helping me get back on track with my fitness routine!

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Another benefit of moving out of the ‘burbs? I don’t have as many fast-food options at my fingertips, and since I’m no longer living rent-free at my mom’s house, I have to make sure to grocery shop on the regular and plan out healthier meals. I’m the type of person who needs to eat something every couple of hours, so the first adjustment I made to my diet was scooping up some Health Warrior Chia Bars to get me through the day.

Health Warrior bars are a fantastic source of fiber, low on sugar (just 4-5 grams), and are only 100-110 calories each. I like to have a Health Warrior bar as soon as I wake up (seriously, if I don’t eat something within an hour of getting up, I get hangry!). Health Warrior’s main ingredient is chia seeds, a superfood that swells up in your stomach and keeps you full for a long time, so it’s the perfect way to jumpstart an early morning. They’re also a great post-workout snack, and I like to keep them at my desk during the day just in case hunger strikes. Because who can work when they’re hangry?

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Where can you snag these bars for yourself? Head on over to the Health Warrior website and use the promo code aliciatenise30 for 30% off your order!

Cheers to a new city and a new healthier version of myself!

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Thank you to Health Warrior for partnering with me for today’s post! All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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  1. Lauren wrote:

    I have to try these! Trying to get back on track too 🙂


    Posted 6.1.17 Reply
  2. Linda | Threaded Roads wrote:

    I’ve been trying to get into fitness or health routine for quite Some time now. Something is forever wrecking my schedule but I’ll get there again! So will you ?

    Posted 6.1.17 Reply
  3. Anni wrote:

    I work at a gym, so there is no excuse for me :o/ LOL
    I might give the bars a try! They look pretty delicious!

    Posted 6.5.17 Reply