happy birthday (to me)

So, I turn 23 today! Not particularly an exciting birthday at all, but who knows, this may be the best year yet!

To kick off the festivities, here’s are a few ridiculous outtakes from my latest shoots.

 No idea what I’m trying to accomplish here. Movin’ like Bernie?

Would you believe me when I say I have pre-professional ballet training? Because this picture suggests otherwise.

Strangers also like to try and jump into my shoots. It’s really awkward. 

I also will probably continue to get carded for rated-R movies. Look at this babyface.

Here’s to another year of awkwardness and embarrassing dancing in public!

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  1. Demmy wrote:

    Happy birthday to you! You look gorgeous. Hope you have an amazing day. x

    Posted 3.3.13 Reply
  2. Bonnie J wrote:

    Happy Happy Birthday!



    Posted 3.3.13 Reply
  3. style tab wrote:

    Happy birthday! Photo shoot outtakes are always my favorite photos. Have a great day!


    Posted 3.3.13 Reply
  4. Sheyla wrote:



    Posted 3.3.13 Reply
  5. StyleIDnet wrote:

    Happy B-Day !! you look great in your pictures, really fun and pretty.
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    Posted 3.3.13 Reply
  6. Nomali wrote:

    happy Birthday! I love the first photo.

    That's one handsome stranger!

    Posted 3.3.13 Reply
  7. Diane wrote:

    Happy birthday pretty! All the best 🙂

    Posted 3.3.13 Reply
  8. berry wrote:

    Happy birthday i know the feelin of the strangers coming into youre videos or photos hahaha LOL

    Posted 3.4.13 Reply
  9. Happy birthday, Alicia! Gotta say, I love the first photo. 😀 You look really, really happy! 🙂 *hugs* I wish you all the best this 2013 and the years to come! 😀

    Thanks for following my blog, btw! I also followed yours. Lovely blog. 😀

    Posted 3.8.13 Reply
  10. Adelyn wrote:

    these pictures are so much fun! Your personality really shines through in these photos! I too will get carded at movies and bars until I'm 50.

    Posted 3.15.13 Reply