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Happy Wednesday, everyone! Today, I bring to you a guest post from one of this month’s sponsors, Lindsey of More Awesomer. Lindsey blogs about everything from travel to career to faith to life. Today she’ll be talking about my favorite subject, fashion! If you like what you see, make sure to head over to her website and check her out!
The new year has passed, spring is almost here, and it might be
time to check yourself out and do a bit of wardrobe (or life) de-cluttering.
For the upcoming season, keep an eye out for classics, make some clothing
investments, and call it a day for your bad self.
1. Black Dress (Little or otherwise): I often tell myself not to
buy more black dresses. Even more often, I ignore that advice and buy another
black dress. The LBD will always be a staple in the professional wardrobe;
perfect for a casual lunch, or pair it with a fitted blazer for a conference.
2. Go to Blazertown: In the words of the wise Justin Timberlake,
“We can dress it up, we can dress it down, any way you want it done,
girl.” Blazers fit into this category – pair your favorite one with denim
for a casual Saturday afternoon, or pair with pearls and a pencil skirt and you
have yourself a board meeting. Blazers should fill the wardrobe of every home
and clothe every man, woman, and child. (You could say I’m big into blazers.)
3. Flats That Won’t Let You Down: When it’s easier and more
comfortable to wear flats than it is to wear heels, I wear flats. (Translation:
I wear flats as often as possible.) Invest in a solid pair that will last the
year, and try to protect them from snowy or rainy days.
4. Pencil Skirts: Every day can be a pencil skirt day if you want
it to be. This wardrobe staple is a crowd-pleaser, always appropriate, and they
come in great colors. Invest in a bolder color or pattern this year — your
otherwise boring pastel button-downs will thank you.
5. Large Necklaces: A good necklace can make an outfit awesome.
Last week a co-worker wore black fitted pants, a black blouse, and brought it
home with an amazing blue statement necklace, because you can do that. If you
have one of those weeks when you’re too busy to remember to breathe, let alone
do laundry, a great necklace can make everyone forget that you wore that shirt
on Monday.

Instead of standing in front of your closet in the morning
convinced you have nothing to wear, invest in some crucial pieces that will
pull outfits together and last for years to come.
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