GUEST POST: High-Waisted Shorts — What Types and How to Rock Them

Good morning, everyone! I am happy to have one of my sponsors guest posting for me today, Kriselle of Livin’ and Lovin’. I’m a huge fan of Kriselle’s blog. She blogs about life, style, food, has amazing DIY projects you can try, and is a very strong writer! There’s a little something for everyone on Kriselle’s blog. Today, she’s going to talk about one of this season’s hottest trends — the high-waisted short!

Hey everyone! I’m so happy to be guest posting for Alicia
today! I love her new and improved blog and her style, so I figured I would
talk about one of my all time favorite pieces to style: high-waisted shorts.
They are so versatile and they flatter your body to automatically give you that
small waist and curvy bottom-half as it goes outward from your waist.
I live in my high-waisted shorts! I currently own 3 pairs
(and counting) that I like to wear as often as possible. I have the most fun
creating outfits with them.  I own a
black pair with bows in the front pockets from Forever 21 for less than 11
dollars (it was on sale but I can’t remember the price), a cream-colored,
mom-style pair of Gap shorts from a local thrift store for 2 dollars, some
cut-off Levi’s I recently made from my dad’s old jeans, and a navy blue pair
that I got from Goodwill for 4 dollars (but recently gave away because it was
too small on me).
Got a pair of high-waisted shorts? Here are some tips to
make the most out of your outfits!

  1. Layer! Wear
    tights, long socks, boots, and layer tops/sweaters on top! I have lots of fun
    layering with my black high-waisted shorts, and when it’s cold I pair them with
    tights, booties, scarves, and peacoats! (In a California winter you can get
    away with wearing shorts, haha.)
  2. Show off
    them legs!
    On the other hand, these kinds of shorts can make anyone’s legs
    look good! Just make sure that they’re not too tight on your thighs or it can
    actually make your legs look bigger than they are. Try to have a little room
    for your thighs. When it comes to shoes, you can wear anything with
    them—sandals, flats, wedges, boots—the shortness of the shorts and how high it
    is on your body allows all these shoes to work for you.
  3. Crop
    I’ve really been getting into the trend of crop tops, but I will only
    wear them with high-waisted shorts out of modesty and a not-so-fit tummy, haha.
    If you are the same way, high-waisted shorts are the perfect way to try them
    out without showing your entire mid-section.
  4. Don’t let your butt hang out!
    Honestly, no matter what kind of shorts you are wearing this is a no-no. Even though it may get a guy’s
    attention (or whatever attention you’re looking for), it just isn’t attractive.
    It just makes you look sloppy because you can’t get shorts that cover up a
    little bit. High-waisted shorts are already mostly shorter than your average
    pair, so don’t get so they become underwear for you.
  5. Be
    careful how your shorts fit around your stomach.
    I’ll be honest, I’ve
    gained a little weight in my tummy area so I would have to be careful how much
    I eat when I used to wear my blue Goodwill shorts, otherwise they got really
    tight and really uncomfortable. You want to avoid that as much as possible!
  6. Wear what
    makes you feel good!
    Unless you have mom-style shorts that actually make
    your bottom half look bigger like my
    last pair, most tops will go with any pair of shorts you may have. Trial and
    error always goes a long way.
    See what you like and what makes you feel
    good, because that’s the most important part!
That’s all I have for tips right now. How do you wear your
high-waisted shorts? 
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