{Guest Post} Get Organized for Back-to-School with Vanchic

D.C. has an amazing blogger scene, and today I am happy to feature a guest post from DC’s very own organizational guru, Kim Clark of Vanchic. Kim understands that you can organize but you don’t have to sacrifice style for functionality. Today, she will give us tips on how to organize before the school year kicks off!

Kim of Vanchic

Back-to-school time is near which means organizing and resetting our life focus dials.  Before fall creeps up on us, we need to make sure the following gets done:

1. Closet inventory – Take note of everything you own and take action with what pieces have to be tossed, fixed, donated and also which staple garment items are missing.

2. Desk inventory – Look through binders, notebooks and folders to see what you can salvage from last semester’s schooling.  Get new school supplies at the dollar store. Five Star notebooks are expensive and overrated.

3. Shoe inventory – Transition your feeties out of those comfy flip flops and back into flats, boots and heels.  Moisturize your heels and start training the feet to suck back into those skinny heels. Buying boots in the Spring, Summer or Fall is cheaper than attempting to score a deal during Winter.  

4. Take the procrastination hat off – I get it, summer time is all about relaxing and loose deadlines, but you need to bump up home productivity levels.  Start training your body to do cleaning habits every day. The Fall is all about the grind to multi task faster than ever.  It’s okay if you go to bed with a plant unwatered, letter unwritten or chore undone, but dont let it be an every day occurance.  Find the Fall balance of a healthy work-life-home equilibrium. Are you a procrastinator? Superwoman is not a real person…Too much on your plate? Set boundaries on your to do list or else all the scrambling at once will lead to future breakdown.

5. Everything needs a home – Each item in a house should have a ‘belonging area’. Having every material product under your roof in a specific assigned zone will save you time and offer peace of mind.  If you pick up the hairbrush to use it, put it right back where you found it once you’re done using it. No need to alphabetize the cereal boxes and go OCD crazy, but hey, organizing everything is awesome because you’ll know exactly where the batteries are. You’ll never lose another flashlight and you’ll stop buying duplicates.

6. Generate one calendar – Are you confused by all the calendar overflow? Class schedule, fitness classes, work shifts, deadline dates, book club meetings…Create one hub area to coordinate all calendars in one (Use any calendar smartphone app or a physical calendar)  This will prevent you from forgetting about commitments or being late.

6. Bedtime adjustment – Whether you work in corporate America or a high school student, do yourself a favor and tuck your ass in bed 30 minutes earlier than you normally do.

7. Unclutter bathroom and vanity – Look your best in class and at work.  Image and how you carry yourself is crucial.  Without a doubt, the students at my college who dressed up and presented themselves nicely got higher grades. Teachers respect you less if you lug into class wearing pajamas.  The morning routine needs to be efficient and quick. Get your makeup, hair and skin routine down to a trouble-free regimen.

8. Unclutter your kitchen and bathroom – Get all paperwork, knicknacks, mail and thoughtless accumulation out of the kitchen and closet- Those two rooms are significant; kept to their intended function. Only food and cookware should lie in the kitchen. Also last time I checked, closets with luggage, boxes, plastic bins, nick-nacks, papers and bills are not chic.

9. Matching hangers – Getting dressed swiftly in the morning can be a challenge for us ladies.  It is straightforward to visually see your clothes with matching hangers; diverse outfit match option ideas will come faster. Uniformed hangers allows for a streamlined linear look and each garment hangs from the same height level.

For more fashion-forward organization tips, visit Kim here:

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