Gift Guide: For the Wine Lover

Gift Guide for the Wine Lover, ALDI Wine Advent Calendar

Out of all of the gift guides that I’ll be publishing this season, I think this one might be my favorite. If you’re new here, I absolutely adore wine. So much so that I went to “wine school,” AKA I have passed my WSET Level 2 exam, and am currently considering studying for my Level 3 Certification next. I’ve had a blast learning about wine over the past few years, and I wouldn’t trade the wine enthusiast life for anything!

For my next gift guide of 2022, I’ll be sharing my top gift picks for the wine lover. Your friend or loved one who’s vino obsessed will absolutely love these items!

Coravin Gift Guide: For the Wine Lover
Shop the Coravin

Gift Guide: For the Wine Lover


Wine Gift Ideas: Splurge Gift Picks

Listen: it’s been a rough year. If you can splurge on a loved one and still stay within budget, go for it. I’m sure they’ll appreciate it!

One gift that I love as a wine lover is the Coravin. It’s a wine preservation system that uses a small, hollow needle to pierce through the cork. Then, it injects Argon gas into the bottle. Once the bottle is pressurized, it allows you to siphon the wine out of the bottle into your glass (and your stomach!) So long story short, you can enjoy one glass of your favorite wine without even opening the bottle.

If you’re looking for a deal on the Coravin, I would keep checking Macy’s for sales and promos. While it might be a splurge, it is 100% worth it! I’m also a big fan of this Electric Aerator as well.

Shop More Wine Splurge Gift Picks:


Shop the Winesulator Gift Set
Shop the Brümate Winesulator Gift Set
Reidel Wine Glasses | Gift Guide: For the Wine Lover
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Wine Gift Ideas: The Best Glassware & Chillers

Our friend, who’s a winemaker, gave Tom and me a pair of Reidel Glasses when we moved into our first apartment together, and I still think of her every time we use them. It was such a thoughtful gift, and these glasses are of high quality. If you’re going to gift some glassware, definitely look into the Reidel brand!

We also shot some content for Brümate a couple of years ago, and we were really impressed with their line of insulated cups. In the gift set pictured above, you can actually pour an entire bottle of wine in their winesulator, and it maintains the perfect temperature for 24+ hours. It’s also glass-free and perfect for travel!

I also think that the Corkcicle Air would make for the perfect stocking stuffer. It’s less than $25, and it will instantly chill and aerate your wine!

Shop the Wine Glassware & Chiller Gift Picks:


Maptote Philadelphia Wine Bag
Shop the Wine Bag

Wine Gift Ideas: Stocking Stuffer & Gifts Under $50

Out of all of the wine openers we have at home, the one we use the most is a $10 Pulltaps Waiters Corkscrew. It’s no-frills, super easy to use, and it’s lasted us for years. If we’re going on a road trip, we won’t leave home without it!

One thing that I would personally love to receive as a gift are these wine coasters. We have marble tabletops and have had some unfortunate experiences with wine stains over the year. I love how these coasters are wide enough to catch any possible wine spills!

I also received this wine tote as a gift from Maptote a couple of years ago when I lived in Philly, and I still use it til this day. It’s less than $20, and a great way to bring wine along to a friend’s house!

Shop the Wine Stocking Stuffers & Gifts Under $50:


Wine Advent Calendar gift idea

Wine Gift Ideas: Shopping Local & Regional

If you’re headed to a holiday party, why not pick up a bottle of wine for the wine lover on your list?

Personally, local wine shops have always been my go-to stops for all my wine needs. In LA, I love going to Flask and Field. In Charlottesville, In Vino Veritas was my go-to, and in D.C., I’m a big fan of Wardman Wines. The staff at all of these shops are incredibly knowledgeable, and  they have a really fantastic, curated selection of wines that any wine enthusiast would enjoy.

Personally, I love gifting friends wine from regions they haven’t visited yet. I’m a big fan of smaller AVAs, and depending on what state you live in; you might be able to get wines from across the country shipped directly to your home. One AVA that should be on your list for wine gift-giving is Walla Walla: they recently launched their holiday gift guide, and it’s a fantastic region that has a number of varietals that will appeal to any wine lover on your list.

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Photos by Tom McGovern

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