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Top: Free People (similar) | Shorts: Madewell | Sandals: ℅ Altar’d State | Bag: Rebecca Minkoff | Sunglasses: ℅ Smart Buy Glasses | Earrings: Gorjana | Necklace: ℅ Taudrey | Bracelets: ℅ Baublebar

Ah, my home state: Virginia. Most of you know this, but I grew up in the D.C. ‘burbs in good old Northern Virginia. I absolutely hated Northern Virginia (aka NOVA) when I was growing up, and thought the rest of the state was a weird Southern land that I didn’t really jive with. However, as I get older, I’ve gotten to explore more of the state and I’ve really come to appreciate it.

Don’t get me wrong: it’s not a perfect place. I had a trip scheduled to Charlottesville one weekend that I had to cancel last minute, and there was conveniently a White Supremacist rally held over the removal of Confederate statues. Needless to say, really happy I dodged that bullet. However I’ve gone to C’ville time and time again, and it’s really not a crazy town full of KKK enthusiasts. I’ve met some of the most progressive people there, and that group really doesn’t represent the majority of its residents. A few bad apples, right?

Anyway. Here’s why I’ve come to love my home state over the years, and I definitely hope you plan on making the trip down to the beautiful place I grew up in!

  1. The Schools are on point

    I was an idiot when I was 18 and went out of state for college, but man: I messed up big time. I later transferred to VCU in Richmond, but we are pretty spoiled with higher education here. William and Mary, UVA, Tech, JMU, VCU….the schools here are pretty top notch. I don’t think too many people under the age of 18 read this blog, but if you’re out there: don’t be an idiot like me and go out of state for school if you have VA residency!

  2. Virginia Wine Country

    You’ve seen this on the blog multiple times, but we’ve got our own mini Napa Valley right in the Commonwealth. You’ve got vineyards in Northern Virginia just an hour outside of D.C., and you’ll find them in central Virginia near Charlottesville. I’ve come to prefer the wine in the Charlottesville region more than NOVA, so I’ll drive an extra hour for that experience!

  3. Mountains, Beaches, and The Bay

    The geography of the state is pretty incredible as well. On the western side you have endless mountains, we’ve got several beaches, and most importantly: we’re off the Chesapeake Bay, AKA the good ol’ land of Old Bay enthusiasts.

  4. The History

    Ok. So the actual history itself is a little bleak (let’s not dial it back to the Confederacy here), but I always had the coolest field trips in the world that I took for granted. Hopping from Mount Vernon to Monticello to Williamsburg, it’s just cool to learn how one of the very first states in the U.S. came to be and dive into this country’s history. 

And if you’re here just for the outfit deets and aren’t interested in Virginia tourism: these shorts are the best thing I’ve purchased this season. Fantastic for all of my long-legged ladies, and perfect for those times when you’re around family and need shorts that are a bit longer in length! This ensemble has been my uniform as of late when it’s a zillion degrees out 🙂

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  1. I grew up in NOVA as well, and your points here are so spot on! I am weirdly obsessed with Monticello, and I love the drive there through the mountains, especially in the fall. Fall in Virginia is basically magic! I could talk about it forever, but I’ll stop myself here and also add that I love your sandals!

    Posted 6.13.17 Reply
  2. I hear wine country is supposed to be amazing up there! Also, love you in red!

    xo Jessica

    My Style Vita

    Posted 6.13.17 Reply
  3. Giselle wrote:

    You have such a beautiful smile!!!! I’m loving this casual outfit <3

    Posted 6.13.17 Reply
  4. Jenny wrote:

    That tee is so cute on you! You look fab in red.

    Posted 6.13.17 Reply
  5. These photos are SO cute! And man that mural is awesome!!

    xo Laura Leigh

    Posted 6.14.17 Reply
  6. How unique is that mural? Love it! The artist’s signature is so fun (I guess that’s what that tiny little image of the man is down near your feet?). I’m so sorry to hear about the Confederate rally. They have those in Savannah every now and then, too, and I feel like it reflects poorly on the city.
    erin | sandsunandmessybuns
    PS:Your outfit looks so cute and comfy!

    Posted 6.14.17 Reply
  7. Brittany Daoud wrote:

    I love this look! Anything that keeps you feeling comfortable when it’s hot AF is my kind of look!

    Posted 6.14.17 Reply
  8. Carly Ned wrote:

    The wine country part sounds amazing! Loving you in red by the way.

    Posted 6.14.17 Reply
  9. Twin Pickle wrote:

    We live in Arizona so I know all about the heat! Love the outfit!

    Posted 6.15.17 Reply
  10. Mary Gui wrote:

    i love your fun sunglasses and bag!

    Posted 6.15.17 Reply