Eyelash Extensions 101

Eyelash Extensions 101 featured by popular Indianapolis lifestyle blogger, Alicia Tenise

If you watch my IG Stories, some of you know this: but I’ve been wearing eyelash extensions for the past 3 months now (consistent wear!) I did try eyelash extensions back in the spring of 2017, but I was unprepared for the amount of maintenance involved and decided to let them fall out.

I’ve gotten a lot of questions about eyelash extensions over the past couple of months. Is it worth it? Read on to find out more in my eyelash extensions 101!
Eyelash Extensions 101 featured by popular Indianapolis lifestyle blogger, Alicia Tenise

Eyelash Extensions 101- What the Process is Like

First things first: I would do a lot of research before stepping foot into a salon. I usually ask my friends or other local bloggers for their opinions on different salons. Just because someone has a license for eyelash extensions doesn’t mean they’re any good!

Your first appointment for eyelash extensions will take roughly 2 hours. A good salon will chat with you first, have you fill out a form to note any medical/skin conditions, and then go over the different options for eyelashes with you. I’d highly recommend getting eyelashes that are a little more subtle at first and building up toward something more dramatic. My eyelashes are still pretty low-key; I prefer a more natural makeup look anyway, so I didn’t want anything too extra.

Eyelash Extensions 101 – The Maintenance

Oy, here’s the part I kind of hate the most…the maintenance. After you get your eyelashes done, you can’t get them wet for 24 hours after your appointment. I’ve purchased swim goggles that I wear every time I shower so that I don’t get my eyelash extensions wet at all, and I can prolong their life.

Next? The refills. You can get your eyelashes refilled every 2-4 weeks. The longer you wait, the more expensive the refill will be. This part is the most challenging for me since I travel so much, but I’ve just made it a point to get my lashes done every single time that I’m home. 

You’ll want to clean your eyelashes daily (especially in allergy season!) I use a makeup brush and baby shampoo when I clean, it’s the only thing gentle enough for the lashes. 

Is It Worth It?

My lashes are really, really short, and I do a ton of photoshoots for the blog regularly, so for me, it’s worth it. However, I don’t plan on wearing them forever: in the future, I’d like to start using a serum on a regular basis and learn how to apply fake lashes like a pro. I love my lash extensions for a cool daytime look and photoshoots; however, for special occasions, they don’t give me as much va-va-voom as I’m looking for (I also could switch it up and get the volume lashes my salon offers, but they’re a little too extra for every day!)

Where Do You Get Your Lashes Done?

In Philly, I get my lashes done at Enhanced Beauty By Design. In Northern Virginia, I loved my experience with Bellaluxe. Both salons are a little bit different, but they’re incredibly professional, and they know their stuff!

Have you ever had eyelash extensions?

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