Is CBD Oil Worth It?

Is CBD oil worth it? Equilibria CBD review featured by top US lifestyle blogger, Alicia Tenise.

** This Equilibria CBD Review Was Updated: 10/19/20

For the past year, I’ve had offers pour into my inbox asking if I wanted to try new CBD products. Gummies. Oil. Soft gels. I was a bit taken aback and had no interest in trying any of these products that were pitched to me. I knew CBD was trendy, but I wanted to take the time to do my homework and see if it was the right fit for me.

Over the summer, my anxiety was at an all-time high. I was moving, had an unexpectedly busy work season, and had deadlines piling up. For a few months, I wasn’t capable of sleeping throughout the night. Typically, I would wake up at 3-4 AM and not be able to get back to sleep. My mind was racing, and I would lie wide awake in bed, stressing over work, and any upcoming deadlines. It was taking a toll on me both mentally and physically.

I asked you all on Instagram Stories what I should do since I couldn’t sleep throughout the night, and an overwhelming amount of you recommended CBD. A blogger that I’ve known for years, Bree West, suggested that I check out Equilibria for Women. It’s a CBD brand founded by women, for women, and after I did my research, it just seemed like the right fit.

Update: I’ve been using this brand for over the past year, and I’ve been loving my results!
Is CBD oil worth it? Equilibria CBD review featured by top US lifestyle blogger, Alicia Tenise: image of Equilibria Soft Gels and Daily Drops

Why I Chose Equilibria CBD

As I mentioned before, I was pretty wary about CBD. However, after talking to several of my friends and followers, I decided to give it a shot.

After doing my homework, Equilibria CBD seemed like the perfect fit for me. For starters, this brand was founded by women, for women, and you could use their products to treat a number of symptoms. What sealed the deal for me? With every purchase, you could speak to a dosage specialist, that would create a custom plan based on your lifestyle, medical concerns, and needs.

Ironically enough, about a month after I placed my order for Equilibria CBD (and paid for it on my own!), their PR team reached out to me. Given my results (which I will explain later), I knew I wanted to share my experience with my readers. They were kind enough to provide you all with an exclusive coupon code:

You can get 15% off your first Equilibria CBD order with code “aliciatenise” (not valid for beginner boxes).

Is CBD oil worth it? Equilibria CBD review featured by top US lifestyle blogger, Alicia Tenise.

Equilibria CBD: My Personal Plan

I decided to try the Equilibria CBD Beginner Box after Bree raved about her results. Once you place an order for your first box with Equilibria, they recommend a very standard, low-dosage plan to try for a week. After your week is up, you’ll set up a call with their very own in-house Dosage Specialist, and they’ll tailor a plan based on your needs.

After I talked about my anxiety and my issues with sleeping at night, my dosage specialist recommended that I up my plan. After using the product for a year, I did another complimentary call to adjust my dosage a bit.

Given everything that has been going on in 2020, I now use the Extra Strength Daily Drops and the Extra Strength Softgels. Here’s how I use the Equilibria CBD Products regularly:

Alicia’s #MyEQ Routine

  • 1/4 dropper of the Extra Strength Daily Drops (12.5mg/0.25ml) in the morning
  • 1/4 dropper (12.5mg/0.25ml), midday, as needed to manage peaks and valleys of stress (see episodic dose below)
  • 1 Daily Softgel – Extra Strength (25mg), with dinner
  • 1/4 dropper (12.5mg/0.25ml), before bed, as needed
  • Equilibria Relief Cream for my hands to treat Carpal Tunnel pain (I use a little bit every morning when I wake up, and right before bed!)

Again, please note that this is a customized plan just for me! Every Equilibria customer has the option to book a complimentary call with a dosage specialist to figure out what routine works best for them and their needs.

Is CBD oil worth it? Equilibria CBD review featured by top US lifestyle blogger, Alicia Tenise.

Equilibria CBD: My Honest Results

Long story short: Equilibria CBD has been a total gamechanger for me!

I started noticing results after a couple of weeks, and after about four weeks of use, I noticed that I was able to sleep throughout the night. I also noticed that my anxiety was eased a bit throughout the workday. Do I still get panic attacks from time to time? Sure. Do I still toss and turn at night before an early flight? Absolutely. However, Equilibria CBD has been super helpful with maintaining regular levels of anxiety, and it’s helped me be more productive and focused throughout the workweek.  

Equilibria CBD Review

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Photos by Tom McGovern