DIY IKEA Hack | Gold Office Chair

SKRUVSTA ikea hack, diy gold office chair, boconcept sheepskin throw - DIY IKEA Hack | Gold Office Chair by popular DC blogger Alicia Tenise

**This post was updated on 5/11/20

Four years ago, I had a bit of leftover paint from my DIY Bookcase project, and I decided to spend a nice Saturday revamping my IKEA office chair. I was on a budget, and my office chair was in desperate need of a bit of flair, so I figured I could tackle this easy DIY project in one afternoon.

I loved the result, and ultimately this has been one of the most viewed posts on my website, ever. Now that we have a lot more free time during the quarantine, I wanted to update some of the links here, add a few more tips, and encourage you to revamp your home office space!

If you follow me on Snapchat (aliciatenise), you saw that I got a little spray paint happy with some of my IKEA furniture this past week to make my own gold office chair. I love the look of gold pieces, and I have splurged on a couple of items for my bedroom makeover. However, I’m still a 20-something on an entry-level budget, so I don’t have thousands of dollars to snatch up every piece of furniture I want. 

Enter IKEA hacks. With a $3.50 of spray paint and a little patience, my furniture looked glam and sleek. This is the easiest project to tackle on!


diy ikea project - DIY IKEA Hack | Gold Office Chair by popular DC blogger Alicia Tenise

DIY-IkeaHack_GoldSKRUVSTA-2 - DIY IKEA Hack | Gold Office Chair by popular DC blogger Alicia Tenise


One can of metallic spray paint
Cardboard or plastic drop cloth to spray on 


ikea spray paint hack - DIY IKEA Hack | Gold Office Chair by popular DC blogger Alicia Tenise

Step 1:

For the rookies: spray paint outside. It’s best to spray paint when it’s between 50-85 degrees out so the paint will dry evenly. Also, I disassembled the legs of the chair and only spray painted that part. Makes things easier in the long run!

Step 2:

Spray paint gold in three coats, rotate as needed. This paint dries in about 20 minutes, but I always check to see if there are any spots that need to be touched up after the 25-minute mark.

Step 3:

Assemble your gold office chair completely and enjoy! Wasn’t that easy?

gold white office chair - DIY IKEA Hack | Gold Office Chair by popular DC blogger Alicia Tenise

The last little touch I added to really glam this gold office chair up was this sheepskin throw from BoConcept (℅). I took a grand tour of the BoConcept store in Georgetown a few weeks ago and fell in love with the modern decor! I was looking for the perfect glam accent for my office area and immediately fell in love with this particular throw when I spotted it in their shop. I’m also getting serious decor inspiration from their short film that’s currently on their website.

My bedroom is shaping up to be a fun mix of high and low pieces, with a few IKEA hacks along the way and pieces from name brand furniture stores. My interior designer has taught me what is best to splurge and save on throughout the entire process! I cannot wait to share the full reveal with you all in a few weeks.

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  1. linda spiker wrote:

    Love that chair and the gold legs! Pinned to my DIY board.

    Posted 3.22.16
  2. CourtneyLynne Storms wrote:

    Ok just loving this hack!!!! Totally going to be using this one! Just love gold everything

    Posted 3.22.16
  3. Sarah Aboulhosn wrote:

    I’m about to do this with my coffee table!

    Posted 3.22.16
  4. Melissa Chee wrote:

    Looks great! Nice work

    Posted 3.22.16
  5. I can’t wait to try this for my home “office”. I would love to see a blog post on your gold bookshelf that was on Snapchat!

    Posted 3.22.16
  6. The chair looks 100x better with the spray paint. Get it girl!

    Posted 3.22.16
  7. Emily @ Recipes to Nourish wrote:

    So cool! I love Ikea hacks like this! Such a great idea!

    Posted 3.22.16
  8. So chic!!

    Xx Taylor

    Posted 3.22.16
  9. Jnellie wrote:

    Your office looks amazing. I love this hack.

    Posted 3.22.16
  10. Miss Angie wrote:

    I love the gold! IT’s so cute, and it’s strange how such a small change makes such a big difference.

    Posted 3.22.16
  11. Dana Mannarino wrote:

    Love love love! It looks SO good.

    Pink Champagne Problems

    Posted 3.22.16
  12. Wow what a difference! It so cute just with the subtle change.

    Posted 3.22.16
  13. This chair looks amazing, I can’t believe the difference! I just love the gold

    Posted 3.22.16
  14. Turned out great, but the wheels fall out of the composition, in my opinion 🙂

    Posted 3.22.16
  15. coffeeslag wrote:

    Ooh I love that chair! And the gold spray paint. Might just have to copy this idea!


    Posted 3.22.16
  16. Lilies + Lambs wrote:

    Ooh! So so pretty! Love it.

    Posted 3.22.16
  17. Ahh! I love this! I’m currently playing with the idea of painting my desk gold… maybe I’ll do something similar to this instead!

    Posted 3.22.16
  18. HattieLu handmade wrote:

    Pretty cool and easy IKEA hack. I love the look of silver, but the gold with the sheepskin are spot on together!

    Posted 3.22.16
  19. Jenny wrote:

    Love this!
    I actually found a chair at my Home Goods just like this and it already has gold legs…and if I remember correctly it was close in price. Totally going to see if its still there tomorrow so I can snag it.

    xoxo, Jenny

    Posted 3.22.16
  20. Michelle Mink wrote:

    i love adding spray paint to things to class them up! i love ikea hacks too

    Posted 3.23.16
  21. Ashley wrote:

    LOVE this!! I want a gold office chair, but having a hard time finding a reasonably priced option. Never thought of this hack! Bookmarking for later!!

    xo Ashley

    Posted 3.23.16
  22. tina johnson wrote:

    I love a good diy that doesn’t look too “crafty.” This is great! Just the perfect pop of color!

    Posted 3.23.16
  23. I’ve been wanting a white and gold chair. What an awesome hack!

    Posted 3.23.16
  24. Aida Arain wrote:

    I LOVE this hack! It’s such a simple and effective change. It definitely adds a touch of glamour.

    Posted 3.25.16
  25. This is GENIUS. And this looks so easy. I’m always so overwhelmed with DIY’s, but this one I think I can master!

    xo Jessica

    My Style Vita

    Posted 3.25.16
  26. Arielle wrote:

    So cute! And looks simple enough for even me to try…

    Posted 3.25.16
  27. This is gorgeous! What a difference the gold paint made!

    Posted 3.28.16
  28. I love it! I’m pinning this for future reference 😀 – Hannah,

    Posted 3.28.16
  29. Amanda-Jo Adams wrote:

    ah! I love this. I am in the middle of searching for the perfect chair and this just might make it easier.

    Posted 3.28.16
  30. Love this DIY! Gold paint makes a huge difference!


    Posted 4.1.16
  31. Tammy wrote:

    Very proud of your interior designer, Raquel from the petite decor.

    Posted 4.2.16
  32. Cathy Hall wrote:

    I am lovingthis DIY. The gold paint does make a difference.

    Posted 5.10.16
  33. Jen wrote:

    What paint did you use? I tried this hack with a different IKEA chair, but the feet are plastic, which means the paint didn’t stick. It only takes a very slight amount of pressure (often including my feet resting on them) to rub the paint right off. If I was going to do it properly, I probably should have prepped the surface with a coarse sandpaper. Curious what results you had after the fact. Thanks!

    Posted 5.13.16
    • Hey Jen! I linked to the exact spray paint I used at the bottom of the post. I didn’t need to prime it with the paint I chose, if you follow the steps in the post you should achieve the same results! 🙂

      Posted 5.13.16
      • Jen wrote:

        Oh, thank you! I missed that the first time through 🙂

        Posted 5.16.16
  34. Oh my gaddddd I love this!!

    Posted 7.19.16
  35. Two things I love in life : sequins and GOLD spray paint!! This came out so well 🙂
    xox Tess | Sequins are the New Black

    Posted 8.4.16
  36. Amanda wrote:

    This is such a good idea… it’s so cute!
    Xo, Amanda

    Posted 8.4.16
  37. Cecil wrote:

    Love the chair! Great hack using the gold spray paint!

    Posted 10.11.17

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