Date Night with Head and Shoulders

Disclaimer: this is not going to be your typical Valentine’s Day date night post. I’m a very single lady. Like, Beyonce in a one-shouldered leotard single lady. And I absolutely love it. I would say most of my dating life consists of first or second dates, AKA those times when a good first impression can make or break you.

As much as I stress out about my outfit or my makeup, the real MVP in a first date scenario is going to be your hair. I often struggle with my mane; my hair tends to dry out super often. No matter how much I try get that perfect wave with my curling wand, I’ll always end up with a bit of frizz or some tangles. I jumped at the chance to try Head & Shoulders Moisture Care line of products. My dry hair has plagued me for years, and I was struggling to find a suitable solution.

I have to say that I was incredibly impressed by this line of product. I feel that as a woman of color, often times it is hard for me to use major drugstore brands of haircare. However, I feel that the Head & Shoulders Moisture Care line really hit the nail on the head. My favorite product has to be the Co-Wash. Now, I’m not a girl who can wash my hair every single day. My hair drys out very, very fash. The Co-Wash is great for those days when your hair really needs conditioning, but doesn’t need a shampoo cleansing. I’ve never used a product quite like this before, and I’m so excited to start making this a part of my beauty routine.

I also really loved the Scalp Soother. It delivers a cooling, peppermint-complex to improve moisture balance and provide a calming relief to your scalp. It is the ultimate relief for even the worst of itchy scalps.

I was pleasantly surprised at this line and cannot wait to integrate this into my normal beauty regimen. It has been super difficult for me to find a product to tame my dry locks, but Head & Shoulders Moisture Care really seems to have done the trick!

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  1. Mesha wrote:

    I had no idea Head and Shoulders had a cowash. My hair is so dirty all the time too but shampoo dries it out. Definitely going to look for this in the store.

    Posted 2.13.15 Reply
    • mllerachelm wrote:

      I have the same issue!

      Posted 2.18.15 Reply
  2. I’m a big fan of the co-wash as well! Your hair looks fabulous

    Cha Cha The Fashion Genius

    Posted 2.14.15 Reply
  3. mllerachelm wrote:

    I need to try the co-wash!! Thanks for sharing!!

    Posted 2.18.15 Reply
  4. I went out and got this. I love the scalp treatment, makes your scalp so cool and I had issues with my scalp for a few days. The Co-wash was nice too. I had afailed hairstyle and washed it out with it, and my hair was so soft. I saw they have a whole line, I want it it all but the stores only have these two items stocked.

    Posted 2.23.15 Reply