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Ok first things first, let us just LOL at this shoot. These are my gal pals and we were havin’ fun. You guys know I’m not a ~serious~ fashion blogger anyway! I’m always cracking bad jokes at shoots.

Anyway, now that I have your attention: festival season is upon us! Traveling the country for music festivals is pretty much my favorite thing to do, ever. However, no matter how many festivals I go to, Coachella is definitely one of the most unique ones out there. Also, it’s undoubtedly one of the most popular festivals in the world.

I’m not attending this year because I just wasn’t feeling the lineup, but don’t worry. I still have love for Indio! If you’re going, or thinking of going, here are some tips that will have you looking like a pro at ‘Chella.
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  1. Layer your little heart out

    Guys, the weather in Indio is so bizarre. It’s hot as hades during the day, and it gets really chilly at night. You. Need. A. Jacket. Trust me. Especially because it’s a super long walk to get out of the festival at night, unless you sprung for the VIP tickets. I wore a backpack big enough to put a jacket in or just stashed it in a locker during the day and picked it up at night.

  2. Don’t count on the charging stations, or the wi-fi

    One of my good friends told me I needed to buy a portable phone charger before the festival. I shrugged off the suggestion after I saw there were going to be plenty of charging stations around the festival. Nope. Nooooope. Not an ideal solution. The charging stations were always super crowded and nowhere near the stages, so while I was juicing up my phone, I missed out on some shows. Also, the “free wi-fi” they provide is absolutely terrible as well, so don’t count on half of your Snapchats going through during the festival.

  3. Go to the pool parties

    I didn’t really make it a point to hit up the Palm Springs pool parties until the very last day. Big mistake. Huge. I went to Shopstyle/Popsugar’s party on the very last day and it was baaaaaallin’. As much as I love music, the pool parties are just so outlandish and fun and trust me, you’ll never see anything as extravagant. Plus, the time to unwind before the festival is totally necessary.

  4. Wander around, alone

    Ok ok, hear me out on this one. As long as you’ve got a juiced up phone and a designated meeting spot with your friends, it’s ok to do your own thing for a little bit during the festival. Also, I really enjoyed just talking to total strangers. I made some “festival friends” on day one that I periodically hung out with during the rest of the weekend. The vibe is really chill, and people are pretty nice for the most part, so don’t be afraid to meet new ~fest friends~.

  5. Don’t go to work the Tuesday after Coachella.

    Like I did. Woof. You’ll be a useless zombie. Coachella runs a lot later than the other music festivals I’ve gone to (I got home from the festival around 2 AM on average every night), and it takes a few days for your body to recover. 

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  1. Such a fun post and you just maked me wanna go to Coachella haha! Love your skirt too! <3

    Posted 4.6.16 Reply
  2. MsChanda wrote:

    This such a fun post! If I were a little younger and sans kiddos, I would totally indulge! Your fit is completely on point for Coachella!! Thx for sharing!

    xx, Chanda

    Let’s Make Today Fabulous link up feat. Overalls

    Posted 4.6.16 Reply
  3. Molly Moon wrote:

    This post is too cute! Looking forward to living Coachella through your posts again this year.

    Molly | Hey There Sunshine

    Posted 4.6.16 Reply
  4. I’ve definitely got a love/hate relationship with music fests, but going to Coachella is still on my bucket list.

    Posted 4.7.16 Reply
  5. Monika wrote:

    Such pretty ladies! Love when bloggers have some fun 😀 I have never been to a music festival (i know i know!!) but these are amazing tips (if in future I do end up going ). Hope you are having a great week Alicia 🙂

    Monika |

    Posted 4.7.16 Reply
  6. I’ve never been to Coachella, but those tips sound ligit and very handy! Thanks for sharing!

    What I’ve also done though it styling a few pieces from HM Loves Coachella too! Those pieces are so cool and affordable!

    Posted 4.7.16 Reply
  7. I seriously want to go to Coachella just to go to the pool parties. LOL. xo~ Megan The Fashionista Momma

    Posted 4.10.16 Reply