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I’m really sad to be leaving my apartment right when I have it decorated and organized pretty perfectly, but I’m glad I had a chance to live in a space that I really took the time to customize and make ideal for me!

I showed you my bedroom tour over the summer, but one thing I’ve struggled with since I moved in was closet organization. My apartment is really interesting: my roommate technically doesn’t have a real bedroom. She lives in a sunroom, which mean she doesn’t have a closet in her room at all. Which means, she has 100% ownership of the coat closet. So even though I have a small walk-in closet, it was the *only* storage space I have for my coats, bathroom products, linens, and, you know, clothes.

I struggled with an overflowing closet until I contacted Emily from Vital Organizing. Seriously guys: she helped me get my closet in tip-top shape, and I kind of want her to come into every apartment I have from now until forever to help me organize my space. Emily is a native New Yorker, and has a keen sense of how to maximize storage in small spaces.

The first thing we did to organize my space? We did a Konmari assessment of all my stuff – we went through shirts, shoes, purses, dresses, pants, sweaters…. all of it! And I was only allowed to keep what “sparked joy.”  Going through things, I made sure to only keep what was fresh and the rest I took to donation so it would be used by someone.

Guys: I ended up donating 7 bags worth of clothes, and consigning three bags of items. Now that I had all of the extra space, I was able to actually find my items easily, and add a bit of flair to my space. Emily suggested that I add a throw rug and a fun light fixture to my closet, which gave my space a bit of personality. I also had a wall that wasn’t being used for anything, so I hung some IKEA spice racks to hold my clutches (they only cost $4/rack — such an easy storage solution if you have an unused wall!)

Emily also taught me how to fold my closes with the Konmari method as well, and it maximized the space in my overflowing dresser. I was amazed with how a little bit of purging and a standard method of folding could transform my storage space!

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  1. Neelofar wrote:

    This is really impressive I’m not gonna lie! My closet is a hot mess and this really inspired me to organize mine!

    Posted 1.4.17 Reply
  2. Kimberly @ Berly's Kitchen wrote:

    Your closet looks great! One of my biggest complaints is when my closet gets out of hand. Gotta have room to find what you need.

    Posted 1.4.17 Reply
  3. Ali Mageehon wrote:

    Your closet looks so organized! I really need to do this in 2017 – things are mostly where they should be but my shoes are all over the place and I don’t have a clue where my purses wandered off to in our house since we last moved!

    Posted 1.4.17 Reply
  4. Azanique wrote:

    So organized! I can’t wait to have a much bigger closet where I can organize everything like this <3

    -xoxo, Azanique

    Posted 1.4.17 Reply
  5. That’s so cool! And oh my god the dress in that first photo — please tell me you kept that!!

    Posted 1.5.17 Reply
  6. Hannah Adkins wrote:

    Your closet is so cool! I love the little purse/clutch shelves that you have there too. So perfect!

    Posted 1.5.17 Reply
  7. Aracely wrote:

    Oh I am so contacting Emily! I desperately need an organizer to help with my paper clutter and minimizing my closet/drawer space. Thanks for the rec.

    Posted 1.5.17 Reply
  8. Amanda Marie wrote:

    I am so in love with your closet!1 Soooo jealous!

    Posted 1.6.17 Reply