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Top: Shopbop | Jeans: Blank Denim | Shoes: LOFT | Sunglasses: ℅ DITTO | Tote: ℅ Coach | Bracelets: ℅ Kendra Scott | Necklace: ℅ Taudrey

A few things: you guys probably noticed that I’m not really posting quite as often as I used to. Well my friends, the struggle of having a full-time job that I love, a lengthy commute, and a demanding blog finally just caught up with me. Even though I’m a full-blown workaholic, I’ve learned over the last few weeks that I am not, in fact, superwoman. It’s not that I can’t do it all, it’s just that I shouldn’t have to do it all.

The only good thing about my routine right now is that your girl knows when to take breaks. When I landed my first post-grad job right out of college, I quickly realized that I’m really only able to focus on something for 25-30 minutes. Seriously. That might make me sound unproductive, but that’s about as long of an attention span I’ll ever have. 

I have to take quick breaks throughout the workday to keep focused and stay on track. I have a number of ways that I like to take breaks, including taking a lap or two around my office building, taking a dance break or two (seriously, sometimes you just gotta dance it out, y’all!), or giving my mom a quick call. 

Most often though, I snack during my 5-minute break. I have a really high metabolism, and I honestly need to eat every couple of hours to prevent any form of hanger (hungry + angry = no bueno, y’all). I was introduced to Cafe Breaks and y’all: I think I found my new “power snack”.

The awesome thing about Cafe Breaks is that they’re affordable (you can find them in your local Walmart!), they’re only 100 calories, and it’s gluten free. Milk is the first ingredient, and it’s super, super super convenient for those of us who are a little too busy for the meal prep lifestyle! Side note, I’ve been trying really hard to eat healthier because I noticed my energy levels were low, and this is an amazing healthy snack for a girl on the go!

P.S. — there’s a sweet coupon for Cafe Breaks if you want to try some for yourself! You can find this at your local Walmart in the snack aisle near other pudding products.

How do you spend a 5-minute break?

Thank you to Cafe Breaks for partnering with me on today’s post!

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  1. Catherine Marks wrote:

    Those shoes are amazing! It looks like we were both on the pink peony train this weekend, and I too have been trying not to beat myself up if I don’t blog everyday. In a perfect world I’d love to, but t’s hard!

    Posted 5.11.16 Reply
  2. Dana Mannarino wrote:

    Love that top so much! I also think I have the shortest attention span in the world…especially at work. Taking breaks is definitely important (love your idea of a dance party).

    Pink Champagne Problems

    Posted 5.11.16 Reply
  3. Iris wrote:

    I didn’t know latte puddings existed. I’ll be on the look-out for those. I’d spend a 5 minute break listening to podcasts.

    Posted 5.12.16 Reply
  4. Ohhh those little puddings sound yummy! And I am SO with you on the attention span thing!

    Posted 5.13.16 Reply
  5. Erica Nicole wrote:

    I’ve found myself in the same boat lately. Balancing everything can be crazy difficult but taking a few minutes to myself has helped immensely!
    Also- LOVE that top!!

    Posted 5.22.16 Reply
  6. Bri DePauw wrote:

    I love everything about this look!! So beautiful!

    Posted 6.21.16 Reply