Blog Tips: How to Build an Audience

So, you’ve decided to take the plunge and start a blog. Congratulations! I get asked this question all the time by bloggers who are new to the game: how does one build a blog audience? When I first started this blog, I really had no idea to be honest. I just launched it for fun and hoped for the best. However, as I started taking it a bit more seriously, I knew I had to put in a little extra effort to expand my audience and readership. Here’s a few ways to grow your fan base.

1. Share your blog with your family and friends.
I didn’t tell anyone IRL that I blogged for a long time. I thought people would think it was kind of lame and dorky. I was way, way wrong. My friends and family absolutely love it (p.s. hi mom, I’m sure you’re reading this right now). These folks have been my biggest supporters and I don’t think I could do it without them. Thank you all!

2. Network, network, network!
You’re going to have to put yourself out there a little bit to get noticed. The easiest way to do this is to start interacting with other bloggers and PR companies on the net. Leave thoughtful responses to other bloggers’ work. Reply to tweets. Like their Instagram posts. Some of these bloggers might return the favor! Whatever you do, please, please don’t blatantly promote your work on another blog (ex. Don’t be that person to leave a comment saying “Cool post! Check out my blog and follow me on Facebook/Twitter/Insta/Everysocialmediaplatformoutthere.” Just, no.)

3. Join a few blogger networks.
Blogger networks are amazing, and you can join more than one! I’m currently a part of Virginia is for Bloggers, the Southern Blog Society and the Her Campus Blogger Network. I’ve “met” so many other bloggers by doing this, and have made a few e-friends along the way too. Your blog buddies will ultimately become some of your biggest supporters as well!

4. Go to blogger meetups.
Don’t be afraid to show your pretty face around town! Go to some blogger meetups and mingle with other bloggers/PR folks in the area. You can also take initiative and host your own meetups as well if there’s not much going on in your neck of the woods. Always make sure to have a business card on you when you meet new bloggers so all the new contacts you meet can easily look up your website.

5. Establish a relationship with brands you love/are sponsored by.
Are you featuring a brand in a post? Tag them on social media! Sometimes a brand will RT, regram or share your post and/or images from the post. How exciting! That leads to more exposure for you and your blog, and maybe a few new followers on the way as well.

6. Get yourself featured on other websites.
Press is always a great way to get yourself some exposure. Now, be reasonable – you’re not going to get a one-pager in Vogue tomorrow, however, start with smaller, local media outlets or other blogs in your niche. If they have open slots for features, send over an email and explain why you would be a good fit. I also love the Lucky Contributor Community, and I’ve successfully applied to be Teen Vogue’s Best Dressed Reader of the Day in the past.

Another thing you can do is collaborate with other blogs/brands. I’m a big fan of the Style Scenario series I just recently worked on – it was a great way to tap into my blogger friends’ audiences!

Do you have any more tips and tricks on how to grow your audience? Share them below!

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  1. YES! Thanks for this! I just started my blog & have been trying to get it out there. Your blog just happens to be one of the many I’ve started reading/following regularly. Very encouraging!

    Posted 1.9.15 Reply
  2. Liv Light wrote:

    Thanks for this Alicia! I started my blog a little more than a year ago, but I only recently started to actively try and build an audience. It definitely makes a difference. I have yet to go to a blogger meet up though.. but am hoping too!! Keep writing 🙂 Liv

    Posted 1.9.15 Reply
  3. Ellen wrote:

    Great advice, Alicia! I definitely agree that you should leave thoughtful comments without self-promoting. It makes the commenter seem disingenuous, and it definitely doesn’t make me want to follow them.

    Ellen | A Pop of Pink

    Posted 1.9.15 Reply
  4. Gentry wrote:

    These are great tips! I’ve been working hard to network and grow my audience this year, and you’re ideas are really helpful! Thank you!


    Girl Meets Bow

    Posted 1.9.15 Reply
  5. Gina Alyse wrote:

    Such good tips, Alicia! I love all the blog groups and networks I’ve joined. They have been so fun! 🙂 Connecting with bloggers is such an important aspect of blogging–it’s something that we can be hesitant of at first, but it truly makes worlds of difference! Thanks for sharing your thoughts, girl!

    Posted 1.9.15 Reply
  6. These are really great tips Alicia!! You definitely have to be willing to put yourself out there and meet new people to grow your audience. Thanks for sharing. xo ~ Megan The Fashionista Momma

    Posted 1.9.15 Reply
  7. Dora wrote:

    This is such a great list! I definitely agree on the networking – made such a difference for my blog

    Posted 1.9.15 Reply
  8. So many great tips! Thanks so much for sharing! And I completely agree, the commenters that have nothing other to say than “follow me” gets a little frustrating. I’ve been blogging for about a year now and I JUST finally started telling people about it. lol! I’m glad I finally did

    Posted 1.9.15 Reply
  9. Erica wrote:

    Amen to all of the above! It’s oh so important to show genuine interest in other peoples stuff, too, and it ends up being win-win…you successfully network for yourself, but you make amazing new blog friends in the process and learn new things!

    Posted 1.9.15 Reply
  10. Great great tips!

    Posted 1.9.15 Reply
  11. I love these tips! I definitely agree to the networking part. The more I reach out and talk to other bloggers and youtubers, the more feedback I get and the more friends I make!

    Arianna //

    Posted 1.9.15 Reply
  12. Wonderful post! I love all these tips. I’ll have to check out the Southern Blog Society!

    Posted 1.9.15 Reply
  13. These have all helped grow my blog (except I haven’t tagged any brands yet) and I definitely need to do some of them more!

    Posted 1.10.15 Reply
  14. Thank you so much for this it has been so helpful as a new blogger

    Posted 1.12.15 Reply
  15. InthegreySF wrote:

    The blogger networks is my favorite one! IFB has been a great resource!


    Posted 1.12.15 Reply
  16. Saltana wrote:

    Hi Alicia, I just stumbled upon your blog from instagram! I have to say, this post is really helpful. I’ve just started my blog, so it will definitely be very useful to me and I will apply your tips in practise!
    Thank you,

    Posted 1.15.15 Reply
  17. Anji wrote:

    You commented on my IG and here I am!! This is a great post. I look forward to using the tips you listed and reading more from you!

    Posted 1.27.15 Reply
  18. Alyssa wrote:

    This is such a great post! I’m fairly new to blogging and trying to grow my audience is one of the hardest things about being a blogger. Thanks for the tips!

    Running Alyssa

    Posted 4.26.15 Reply
  19. Hello, I read and write you from Venezuela, I’m so glad to found you because i opened my blog recently, this advice are very important to me. When you want to visit my blog and tell me what do you think.P.D.: Sorry about my caligraphy and orthography, I’m triying to learn english. Kisses ?

    Posted 11.22.15 Reply