The Best Natural Hair Products I Bought in 2020

Weezie Short Robe, Mizani Hair Products | Natural Hair Products by D.C. beauty blogger, Alicia Tenise: image of Alicia Tenise, standing in her bathroom and wearing a white monogrammed robe with a blue towel wrapped around her head while holding a bottle of Mizani shampoo.

Ah, 2020: the year when I only went to the hair salon twice.

When we were in quarantine back in the Spring, it really hit me that I couldn’t rely on my beloved hairdresser and that I would have to learn new ways to take care of my hair. My wash day routine no longer seemed intimidating: it became pretty therapeutic and a ritual I partook in every Sunday.

I’m still not super comfortable going to the salon, and I’ve only been once since they reopened. But I’m happy that I had the extra time at home to learn how to care for my 4c hair and try out new products. Here are some of the best natural hair products I tried in 2020!

Natural Hair Products by D.C. beauty blogger, Alicia Tenise: image of a T3 styling wand, Patter Beauty Edge Control, Pattern Beauty Leave-In Conditioner, and Mielle Organics Mongongo Oil Pre-Shampoo Treatment.

Best Natural Hair Products of 2020:

Pattern Beauty Leave-In Conditioner

My hair is super, super dry, and I always struggled to find a leave-in conditioner that kept my hair moisturized throughout the day. I love this one from Pattern Beauty: for starters, the size is perfect. I use a leave-in conditioner daily, and I go through it pretty quickly, and the jumbo size is ideal for how much I use it. I also love that it one of the few natural hair products that I’ve tried that doesn’t flake. 


Mielle Organics Mongongo Oil Pre-Shampoo Treatment

After doing a deep dive into natural hair products last year, one step I added to my wash day routine is a pre-shampoo treatment. Since my hair is super dry and brittle, the pre-shampoo really helped protect my hair from further breakage.

I was pleasantly surprised with most of the Mielle Organics products that I tried last year, and I think the quality of the product is incredible, considering the price point. Plus, I love that it is a black-owned brand. On wash day, the first thing I will do is use their Mongongo Oil Pre-Shampoo Treatment before detangling my hair, and then I’ll hop in the shower and wash my hair. Doing this minimized the amount of breakage that I typically see on wash day!


T3 Whirl Trio Interchangeable Styling Wand Set

On my trip to Asheville this fall, I managed to lose my beloved NuMe curling wand, which I had used for years, so I decided to try the T3 curling wand set. I thought my NuMe was pretty amazing, but to be honest, the T3 Micro set was definitely an upgrade.

I use the 1″ curling wand the most, so if you’re not looking to invest in the entire set, I think this would be a great option. It’s super versatile, works well for all hair lengths, and curls hair in seconds. I’ve cut my styling time in half with this product, and I’m so glad I decided to invest in this!


Pattern Beauty Edge Control

I’ve tried a lot of edge control products in the past, and none of them did a really great job at sticking back my edges. My 4c hair is pretty stubborn, and this is a product that I always struggled with!

I did a pretty massive Pattern Beauty haul back in the summer, and this is another product of theirs that I was very impressed with. Their Edge Control and their Edge Tool was the perfect combo I needed to finally slick my stubborn edges back.


What natural hair products have you tried in 2020 that you loved? Let me know in the comments below!

Photos by Tom McGovern

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