The Best Beauty Products of 2018

Best Beauty Products of 2018 featured by top US beauty blogger Alicia Tenise; Image of a woman sitting in her living room.

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I know it’s technically February, but is it too late to share a “Best of 2018” list?

I was sick for the first couple of weeks of January, and I got off to a slow start when it came to creating blog content during the first half of the month. However, after I hopped on IG Stories a few weeks ago and got so many questions about the mattifying lotion I now swear by, it inspired me to create this post and round up some of the best beauty products of 2018.
Best Beauty Products of 2018 featured by top US beauty blogger Alicia Tenise

Full disclaimer: some of these products were PR gifts (just a reminder: if you see ℅ next to any product, that means it was a gift!) However, I was not obligated to write about any of these products, and I’m sharing my honest opinion about them — and I’ve incorporated nearly all of these gifts into my daily routine!

Best Beauty Products of 2018:

Curel Hydra Therapy Wet Skin Moisturizer ℅
So: I forgot to photograph this product in the images above, but it’s one of my favorite products that is getting my skin through winter!

I picked up this moisturizer at a gifting suite during NYFW last September, and I’ve been hooked ever since. As soon as I ran out of it, I headed to my local grocery store to buy another bottle! Hands down, this is one of the best moisturizers I’ve ever used: it’s a wet-skin lotion, so you put it on right after you get out of the shower while your skin is damp. This product will lock in moisture even in the dead of winter, and I use it daily (I need to find a travel size version of this ASAP!)


Drybar The Brush Crush Heated Straightening Brush ℅
This is another beauty find I stumbled upon last NYFW (what can I say — it was one of the best seasons I’ve ever attended!) I was backstage at the Pamella Roland show and got a chance to try this product, and I’ve been hooked ever since. I rarely wore my hair straight because my flat iron just wasn’t doing my hair justice. This new Brush Crush tool left me with a super straight, sleek style that I instantly fell in love with!

I love that this product gets super hot: I need to use high-heat settings for my weaves and wigs, and this product gets warm enough to get the job done. I would recommend taking a flat iron to touch up the ends of your hair after using this product, but otherwise, it’s a gem!


MOROCCANOIL® Sun Lotion SPF 30 ℅
As you read this, I’ll be en route to Hawaii, and this was the item that I was so excited to pack!

I’ll be candid: in the past, I’ve despised putting on sunscreen. My skin is super dark and doesn’t burn, and when I was younger, I thought I was invincible. As time went on and I learned about my skin, I realized that I need to use a sunscreen daily.

In the warmer months, if I know I’m going to be outdoors for any period of time (whether it’s at a pool, a concert, BBQ, etc.) — I’ll use this sun lotion in place of my regular lotion. It’s not like your standard sunscreen: it’s not greasy, goes on smooth, and does a great job at hydrating your skin as well!

Best Beauty Products of 2018 featured by top US beauty blogger Alicia Tenise; Image of a woman sitting in her living room.

Urban Decay Born To Run Eyeshadow Palette ℅
As soon as I got this palette, I fell in love. I received it in a summer PR package from Urban Decay, but I thought the colors worked year-round — and I’ve been using it almost daily for nearly six months now!

The colors of this palette are incredibly pigmented, and show up very well on my dark skin. This palette is packed with metallic classics and jewel-toned hues that pack a punch. I’ve tried other palettes since getting this one in the mail, but I always find myself coming back to this gem! I’ve also traveled with this palette exclusively over the last six months as well, and I can’t imagine going on a trip without it.


Dermalogica Oil Free Matte Broad Spectrum SPF 30 ℅
Say hello to the product that inspired this post (I received a ton of questions about this on IG Stories a couple of weeks ago!)

This isn’t the first time I’ve raved about this product on the blog, and it certainly won’t be the last. I have combination/t-zone skin, and this moisturizer is perfection. For starters, it’s an oil-free mattifying lotion, so it reduces the appearance of my pores and helps control shine in my t-zone. Second, it also has SPF 30, so there’s no need for me to apply both a moisturizer and a sunblock. It’s also the perfect primer for makeup. I only use this product in the mornings, and it’s lasted several months (don’t let the price intimidate you!)


Clarins Pore Control Serum ℅
Here’s another product for all my ladies who might have oily or combination skin: when Clarins announced they were coming out with a Pore Control Serum last year, I knew I had to get my hands on it. And man: I was not disappointed.

While I love using serums, a lot of the ones I’ve used in the past have made my face super shiny — and I started to use them only at night as a result. However, this serum is the perfect primer for makeup: it mattifies your skin and gives it a smooth, airbrushed, appearance. I also love wearing this whenever I go makeup-free because it makes me look like I’m wearing foundation, even though I’m not!

What are the best beauty products of 2018 you tried?

Photos by Tom McGovern

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