So, I Got Lash Extensions…

Bellaluxe Lash Extensions Washington DC

So, guys: I bit the bullet. I went ahead and tried out the lash extension craze that seems to be sweeping the beauty world. Overall, I had an awesome experience (mainly because I picked a fantastic salon!), but I wanted to give you an honest opinion about what my experience was like. 
Lash Extensions Review

I visited Bellaluxe in Northern Virginia (Vienna, to be exact!) for my extensions, and folks: you could tell that these folks were the pros! Bellaluxe specializes in lash extensions which is pretty key. Some nail spots or salons will add on lash extensions to their services menu but might not be the most qualified to do so. If you’re going to get lash extensions done, I’d recommend going somewhere that specializes in it!

Bellaluxe Vienna Virginia

When I walked in, I filled out a questionnaire, and I was also asked about the skincare products that I use. As a heads up, if you use any cleansers/toners/moisturizers with oil, you’re not going to be able to use them for the first 48 hours after getting your lashes done. Also, plan on not getting your extensions wet for those first 48 hours either! 

An Honest Opinion of Lash Extensions

After we went over my skincare routine, I got to pick what type of lashes I wanted. I opted for silk lashes, and I picked the most natural curve they had (called a “C” curve). Since it was my first time getting last extensions, I didn’t want to do anything too terribly dramatic. My stylist measured the lengths of my current lashes, and essentially just added a bit of length to them for my first time. 

Lash Extensions Northern Virginia

What were my thoughts? I absolutely loved the end result! Mine were definitely on the more subtle end, but over time I want to build up length and go a bit curlier with my lashes. I will give you a heads up, though: lash extensions do require a bit of maintenance. Plan on heading back to the salon every 2-3 weeks for refills! Unfortunately my car ended up getting totaled which derailed my refill schedule, so I might need to get them redone completely at this point. However, if you can stick to the refill schedule and want to look fantastic without the use of mascara, I’d highly recommend it!

Thank you to Bellaluxe for letting me try out their service! All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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